Eternity: The Last Unicorn – Search for Kusoge

A young elf lass embarks on a journey to save her wounded unicorn and find the rest of them to restore elfkind’s immortality in this (allegedly) Norse mythology hack n’ slash that is made to feel like it time traveled from the mid 2000’s. Let’s review if Eternity the Last Unicorn truly deserved the scorn from critics who made it the worst reviewed game of its year.

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  1. I have a strong feeling the “Last Unicorn” subtitle was chosen to try and draw fans of the movie in to playing this game. Can’t prove it, but it seems likely.

    This game seems pretty bland and not the best designed, no doubt about it. Though I’m surprised that it ended up having the worst review scores of 2019 when that year gave us absolute train wrecks like YIIK and Anthem.

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