I perform John Lovick’s “My Dream of Mind Reading”

Recently I’ve been clearing out my magic collection of props and books that I no longer use, mostly stuff I purchased early on when I was still trying to figure out my performance style but realized didn’t fit me. I gave a few items to a fellow magician who does shows around the county, and in return he offered me anything from his library that I would like. Most of his books were on general stage magic so they wouldn’t work for me, but one did catch my eye – John Lovick’s work “Handsome Jack, etc.” I asked to borrow it to see if there were any mentalism effects I could work into my act, and this one appealed to me, primarily because of the surprise ending. And it definitely wowed the audience, so adding it was a good call. Lovick’s work is definitely worth reading for any aspiring performers.

Sorry about the camera glare and distance. The comic before me was also recording his set, so the person handling the tripod had to quick swap phones out to get mine ready, and she didn’t have the time to zoom in or make adjustments. Hopefully that’s not a detriment to the effect.

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