Hey guys! Gerawallstar here. This post will contain part 2 of Pokemon Indigo League Season 1 Reviews. I will cover 24 episodes in this post. Part 3 will contain 25 episodes. So, without further ado, here is Part 2 of Pokemon Indigo League Season 1 episode Reviews.

27. Hypno’s Naptime

Unfortunately, this episode is both confusing and stupid. It confuses me that Hypno’s hypnotic waves are the reason why the kids are sleeping and couldn’t wake up. They wake up by Drowzee using its hypnotic waves? What? Also, the fact there were posters of nine missing children, why the h@!! didn’t Officer Jenny search the freakin park three days ago?! I didn’t like that once after the kids woke up, Jenny never escorted the kids back to their parents. This episode bored me as well. I like the ending where Psyduck somehow touches a Pokeball with its nose and gets captured. I even liked the callback of a lesser good episode Beauty and the Beach with the flashback of Ash’s mom. This episode gets a 5.

28. Pokemon Fashion Flash

I love this episode. It’s a complete 180 over the last mediocre episode. The relationship between Brock and Suzie was well done. I wish we could see her in a few more episodes. It was brilliant for Team Rocket to use their salon to get more Pokemon. I love the message of learning about beauty on the inside that matters, and how that ties in with Suzie questioning her beliefs. Really strong themes coming from a kid’s show. Brock giving her confidence makes him a great character. Psyduck stole the show as usual. I love seeing Psyduck interacting with Team Rocket and being its usual dumb self. The ending was funny and wholesome. This is a strong episode. I give this episode a 10.

29. The Punchy Pokemon

This episode is really, really boring. I thought that things just happen in this episode. I also hated that Ash releases Primeape to fight in the Grand Prix. That was a lazy decision for the writers to not let Ash raise Primeape after capturing it 4 episodes ago. The only good thing about the episode is Ash and Primeape’s relationship. I love the character and relationship development between Ash and Primeape. Primeape came a long way since it was a wild Mankey. It trusts humans now which is good. I just wish the rest of this episode was more interesting. I give this episode a 5.

30. Sparks Fly for Magnemite

This is an amazing episode. The stakes were high, and this episode feels very action heavy. I loved seeing Magnemite’s personality and interactions towards Pikachu despite it being creepily obsessive towards it. The whole situation with the Pokemon being sick due to the power plant blackout was very intense. I loved that Ash finally captured a Pokemon by capturing Muk. Team Rocket were the minor problems with the episode. They started out having this ingenious plan but, in the end, the payoff was half-baked and rushed. This is an amazing episode. I give this episode a 9.

31. Dig Those Diglett

This is a boring episode. The pacing drags, and the evoluttion of Team Rocket’s main Pokemon was stupid. I hated how Ekans and Koffing evolved just by Jessie and James crying. B÷!!$#+t. My positives with the episode are that Diglett are cute to watch. I also loved hearing the catchy Diglett tune. This episode gets a 5.

32. The Ninja Pokemon Showdown

Alright, another gym battle episode. Is it any good? No. This episode started off pretty good. It’s just that when we get into the actual gym, the episode falls flat. It was basically a bunch of nothingness. Team Rocket interrupting things is starting to pi$$ me off. STOP interrupting important gym battles, dip$%!+s. Also, the whole gym battle between Ash and Koga was underwhelming. I do like Psyduck and seeing Psyduck’s abilities performed in the episode. That’s cool. I give this episode a 6. Very unsatisfactory gym episode.

33.  The flame Pokemon-Athon

Although this is a filler episode, this is very enjoyable one to watch. The pacing was great, and I was rooting for Ash to defeat Dario at the Lara Laramie Race. Team Rocket were a blast to watch. This is a perfect filler episode. I had a lot of fun watching it. I give this episode a 9.

34. The Kanghaskhan Kid

I’m not going to lie; I enjoyed this episode. Yes, I know this episode does have problems, and yes, this episode has some of the worst characters. Which I will get into the issues now. The main problem I have with the episode is that it has the worst character to come out in this show: Papa. I hated how Papa was an abusive father to his son Tommy. He dropped him out of a helicopter when he was a baby. He scold mama for it instead of taking accountability. I hated how he kept hitting Tommy with a bamboo stick, along with showing his nipples towards him to remember him by. Another issue I have with the scene is the ending where the parents both survive a helicopter crash. What the h@!!? They should’ve died in that helicopter crash. Now we got the negatives out of the way, let’s get to the positives. I love the animation in this episode. Its bright, fast paced, and I loved how creative the colors get during a soothing lullaby moment with Kanghaskan. I loved the action-packed pacing. It had a lot of energy making this episode feel action heavy. Lastly, seeing this episode use Tommy being raised by a herd of Kanghaskhan as a baby makes this feel like a decent adaptation of Tarzan. It’s nice seeing an anime make an episode feel Tarzan-esque. I noticed that in the Japanese version, there was a delted scene where Misty punched Tommy when he asked her “Can I suck your breasts?” that was a smart move on the 4kids dub deleting that scene because to be honest, it was a very uncomfortable scene watching this in the Japanese version. I do like this episode despite its major problems. Sorry guys! I give this episode an 8.

35 . The Legend of Dratini

This is a great episode. I love hearing about the Lore of Safari Zones. The whole reunion scene between Kaizer and Dragonair was touching. It was really funny how Ash captured all 30 Tauroses in the Safari Zone. The only thing I didn’t like is how Kaizer attempted to shoot the three heroes including Team Rocket, which makes the reasoning why this episode is banned understandable. Plus, the whole interactions between Kaizer and Team Rocket was honestly creepy. I give this episode an 8.

36.The Bridge Bike Gang

This episode was great. I loved seeing the interactions between the three heroes and the bike gang members. Psyduck was hilarious as always. I actually do like how Misty respects Psyduck for the most part. The best thing about the episode is seeing Jessie and James get wonderful character development as they were a part of that bike gang. It gives us more insights of what they were like before joining Team Rocket. The only part I didn’t like is that it was wayyy too predictable seeing the bike gang members help the three heroes get the sick Pokemon medicine in time. I give this episode an 8.5

37. Dittos Mysterious Mansion

This episode is kind of boring. Duplica was forgettable, and I was bored out of my mind watching this episode. I really hated how Team Rocket used abusive tactics to get Ditto to transform properly. I know its tough love, but it was just too much, and it brings out an uncomfortable viewer experience/message to kids with that. The only thing I liked about the episode was the three heroes, including Duplica imitating the Team Rocket motto. That was gold. I give this episode a 5.

38. Electric Soldier Porygon

Unfortunately, this episode just…. exists. Aside from the fact that this episode is banned because it gave Japanese kids seizures, I don’t see a reason to watch this episode. Porygon is a cool pokemon to watch and I loved the battle between Porygon and Weezing. Plus this episode can get creative with the flashing light pokeballs. However, this is a perfect example of style over substance. This episode gets a 6

39. Pikachu’s Goodbye

This is one of my favorite episodes of the series. All the Pikachu’s were adorable to watch. I loved how this episode strengthens the importance of Ash and Pikachu’s relationship. Seeing Ash deciding to leave his Pikachu with the other Pikachu’s was very heartbreaking. I also love that the title of the episode doesn’t give away the ending. The fact that Pikachu chose to stay with Ash and the other Pikachu’s cheering him on was very emotional. Team Rocket get miniscule screen time, which makes this even better. Most of the episodes with them sometimes causes conflict in most of the plots of the episodes. This is a very touching episode. I give this episode a 10.

40. The Battling Eevee Brothers

Fun story: this was my all-time favorite episode as a kid. I related to the Mikey character a lot being the youngest out of all my siblings. I was bullied by my brother’s for being different. I also loved the battle between Eevee and Team Rocket. Now that I’m seeing this episode in an adult’s perspective, this episode is not as perfect as I thought it was when I was a kid. Don’t get me wrong: this is a great episode. But there are some problems with the episode looking back: 1. There are a lot of animation errors this episode. I never really pay attention much to the animation aspects looking at this show, but these animation errors i.e. miscolors of certain objects from characters are VERY noticeable here. 2. This episode does feel like an episode I seen before in ANY show in any medium: a couple of people fight over differences, they get into a big fight, one of the characters feel down about it and eventually they all resolve their differences and accept one another. It’s not a bad concept for this episode but a repetitive one. The good things about the episode is that I can really, really relate to Mikey, even as an adult. Mainly because I am still the oddball in my family compared to my two older siblings. I loved the relationship between Mikey and his brothers. They talk and act like real brothers. I loved that Team Rocket almost actually succeeded in capturing the Pokemon at the evolution party. The scene where Jessie breathes fire after Misty calls her an “old hag” cracks me up. Lastly, I loved the talk Misty had Mikey about siblings which establishes more about her relationship with her sisters. Great episode, not perfect as it was when I was a kid. I give this episode an 8

41. Wake up Snorlax

This is a wonderful episode. Yes, this is a filler episode but what I loved about the episode is the introduction of the iconic Snorlax. I was entertained seeing the heroes and Team Rocket wake up the Snorlax. The whole episode does a good job reflecting on the side plot of Waking up Snorlax and using the Pokeflute to wake it when you play the original Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. This episode also has a secondary plot of a random town not having enough water and food, which it was good enough to tie into the plot of waking up Snorlax. I give this episode a 10

42. Showdown in Dark City

This is one of the weaker episodes of this season. The premise of two gyms i.e. Kaz and Yaz gym trying to become gym leaders is honestly a good idea. Unfortunately, it’s not executed very well. All we got is a generic gang story with gang members destroying the town Dark City and fighting to become an official gym leader. You know what would’ve been better? If these gym leaders tried to become gym leaders and were rejected by the official Pokemon League, which causes them to fight each other because the one of the leaders from each team stupidly thought that they caused them to get rejected. Then have Team Rocket get involved by having them accepted by the Kaz or Yaz teams because of them having interesting motives like those two gyms and fight alongside them. Then have the two gym leaders cause the destruction of town Dark City because of their endless fighting, and the heroes stop them from fighting by using Ketchup on them and the Pokemon, and they come to a resolution by fixing the town and change their ways from the help of Ash just like in the actual episode. I know this is a lot and some of it happens in the episode, but it would’ve fixed the story better than what we actually got. The motivations of these two unofficial gym leaders for fighting the town would make more sense, and Team Rocket would have a reason to be in the episode instead of being just shoehorned in just to say their motto. By the way, Pikachu crying because of the broken ketchup was cuteness overload. Just look at his eyes. I give this episode a 6.

43. March of the Exeggutor Squad

This episode is really bad. Melvin really creeped me out this entire episode. Seeing him act totally creepy towards Misty in the beginning of the episode was not fun to watch. Plus, I found him unlikeable when he tried to hypnotize Ash, along with him having a motivation to hypnotize everyone by capturing Exeggutor so that everyone could see his show. The only things I liked about the episode is Charmeleon evolving. That’s it. This is one of the worst episodes of the series. I give this episode a 2.

44. The Problem with Paras

The problem with this episode (no pun intended) is that nothing happens. All this episode does is showcase Paras having low self-esteem and the heroes/Cassandra do everything they can to help Paras boost its confidence. I’m sorry but I find this just boring to sit through. I also don’t like Charmeleon being a d!#k to everyone, including Paras. It has that frustrating gag of him burning Ash. The only good things about this episode are Team Rocket. They’re the spotlight in this episode because they help out Paras and though creepy, it’s funny getting to see Mewoth’s innocent crush on Cassandra. I just feel so bad for the poor Pokemon. This episode is boring, and it goes by too fast. I give this episode a 6.

45. The Song of Jigglypuff

I love this episode. Jigglypuff is one of my favorite characters in the show. It has so much personality, and it is very adorable. The whole premise of using Jigglypuff to make the townspeople happy is solid. The part where Jigglypuff draws on everybody’s face is funny. It never gets old. I hope Jigglypuff appears in more episodes. I give this episode a 10.

46. Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon

This episode is wacky and goes all over the place and I love it. It is cool to see the fossil centered Pokemon in the show. I also love the flying scenes between Aerodactly and the Charizard who evolved after two episodes. It also brough back my favorite character, Jigglypuff and the it is as funny as it was in the last episode. I give this episode a 10.

47. A Chansey Operation.

Meh. This is an average episode. I loved seeing actual doctors treating Pokemon, and not just Nurse Joys. Having Team Rocket help cure some Pokemon when they were the ones that caused them to get hurt was neat. Chansey slapping Meowth repeatedly was hilarious. The problem with the episode is Doctor Proctor. The way he hits on Misty and Jessie is VERY disturbing. They are freaking minors for crying out loud. This episode can get boring at times as well. I give this episode a 7 to be generous just barely slithering on a 6.5 scale.

48. Holy Matrimony

This is one of the best episodes of the season. I loved seeing James’s backstory explored here. Seeing him getting harassed by Jessabelle in the sex dungeon made me feel so bad for him. I loved the relationship he has with the Growlithe that saved him from her. The part where Jessabelle reveals herself and Meowth saying “this girl is nothing like Jessie” makes me laugh. My only complaints are that James doesn’t keep Growlithe on his team. It would’ve been cool to see him use an Arcanine. My other complaint is that Jessabelle harassing James in a sex dungeon is not only disturbing but very uncomfortable. Who in the h@!! made this script for a kid show? I give this episode a 9.

49. So near, yet so Farfetch’d

This episode is one of the worst in the series so far. The episode has a kid stealing backpacks from random people, including Misty. And instead of Officer Jenny pressing charges, she lets him get off scot free. That’s a terrible message to give to kids about how you will not go to jail for doing bad things if you’re sorry. I also hated how idiotic team rocket was in this episode. They were really stupid in falling for every con the boy had. And why didn’t they give the Voltorb to the boss they successfully stole from that backpack guy?! THEY JUST TOSS THEM ALL AWAY!!!! sigh The only good thing about this episode is Psyduck and the battle between him and Farfetch’d. Even that doesn’t save this episode from being a trainwreck. I give this episode a 1.

50. Who gets to keep Togepi?

Togepi’s first appearance makes this episode very fun to watch. Togepi is one of the cutest Pokemon you will ever see. As it is the first ever Pokemon that was hatched from an Egg, Togepi is a great addition to the team. The sudden death tournament to get Togepi was kind of cool. It had a lot of funny moments between Pikachu shocking Meowth, or Psyduck being a dips#!t battling Bulbasaur. I also loved Meowth in this episode. It’s nice to see a sweet side of him whereas in the show he is the arrogant, heartless pr!%#. I wish we get to see Meowth more like this. This is gonna sound controversial but the only complaint I have with the episode is that Misty gets to keep Togepi. I’m not upset about Togepi choosing Misty. That was good. I hated how she selfishly shoved Ash and Brock just to get a peek of Togepi hatching resulting in keeping it as a permanent Pokemon. It’s kinda out of character for Misty doing that. IMO, Brock should’ve been the one raising Togepi since caring for Pokemon is his specialty. He is a breeder! I know I’m going too deep into this. However, am I the only one who thought that the main female character raising a baby Pokemon to be sexist? This episode is enjoyable and great. I give this episode an 8.5

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