This septet meme originally belongs to Alpha-Duelist35 and is dedicated to all of the Power Rangers fans in the world. Sit back, relax, and revel in how I perceive my personal Power Rangers dream team unmorphed. This is just the first out of ten seven-person Power Rangers dream teams I have in store. Therefore, Military Squadron Power Rangers, assemble! It’s morphin’ time!

Fresh off my recent endeavor of writing the Military Squadron Power Rangers fanfic, in which our main seven heroes battled against a demon spreading a virus across the fictional Andromeda City, I thought it would be nice to expound on my first Power Rangers dream team. Ever since rewatching the Saban-Era of Power Rangers, I have mostly been aware of the mostly seven colors each ranger team would have, specifically red, black, white, blue, green, yellow, and pink, although each ranger team/Super Sentai team would usually be relegated to having five to six members. Nevertheless, the colors red, black, white, blue, green, yellow, and pink are the typical colors to be associated with Power Rangers suits and teams. One of the dream teams I thought would encapsulate this color scheme is the Military Squadron Power Rangers consisting of Eric Myers, the Red Quantum Ranger, Jason Lee Scott, the Black Gold Ranger, Tommy Oliver, the White Tigerzord Ranger, Rocky DeSantos, the Blue Zeo Ranger, Adam Park, the Green Zeo Ranger, Taylor Earhardt, the Yellow Wild Force Ranger, and Jen Scotts, the Pink Time Force Ranger. I would argue that this Power Ranger dream team-up exceeds my expectations in not only color-coded suits and clothes, but also in terms of personalities, skills, and how well they can work together inside and outside the military force.

For the rundown of the Military Squadron Power Rangers team members, we have Eric Myers the tough warrior and valiant team leader as the Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott the mighty muscle and strongest combatant as the Black Ranger, Tommy Oliver the stealthy strategist and fiercest fighter as the White Ranger, Rocky DeSantos the social butterfly and charismatic lancer as the Blue Ranger, Adam Park the team genius and overall brain as the Green Ranger, Taylor Earhardt the stern soldier and fierce militant queen as the Yellow Ranger, and Jen Scotts the well-rounded action girl and determined firebrand as the Pink Ranger. Together, all seven members of the Military Squadron Power Rangers would prove themselves to be a physically, mentally, and psychologically formidable team thanks to combining military tactics with martial arts skills, technological prowess, and overall knowledge of handling extremely difficult situations.

Eric is the experienced militant who possesses a strong warrior moral code, for he has served as the Silver Guardians’ commander before taking on Ranger duties as the Red Quantum Ranger. His military experience with the Silver Guardians has provided him with room for him to know the ins and outs of protecting Stanton’s Woods, Andromeda City, and the world from all harm as well as heaps of competence revolving around self-defense. As an expert martial artist and marksman who specializes in Marine Corps Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Jujitsu, and Judo, he can always be relied on when it comes to helping himself and his friends out of a compromising situation. Eric’s determination to never surrender in the heat of battle, willingness to keep on improving as a warrior and as a person, unconditional loyalty to his team, and single-minded focus to ensure that no harm is done to their city are what make him an effective Red Ranger leader. When not involved in Ranger duties, Eric enjoys sparring with his friends in various martial arts, including with Tommy and Jason in Karate, Kenpo, Judo, Jujitsu, Krav Maga, and Marine Corps Martial Arts, revels in target practice with his precious Quantum Defender, and fancies himself some quiet and intimate moments with Taylor whether they sit cozily by the fireplace after a torrid day, have walks in the woods, or have nice dinner dates together on special occasions, for they trust each other with their lives.

Jason is the team muscle whose physical strength is thoroughly matched by his strong willpower to keep challenging himself as a warrior, as a person, and as the Black Gold Ranger. Complacency is his greatest enemy, and he is never one to give up when the chips are down, thus showing unwavering perseverance in the face of adversity. He sets a physical example to his team through all the heavy-lifting muscle duties he has as the strongest member as well as doing his part to protect everybody from harm. While he does have the penchant for playing hero nearly all the time and demonstrates valiance, there are occasions when he beats himself up over things that are out of his control let alone the group’s control. No matter how dire or how challenging the situations are, Jason will always find it in himself to muster up every bit of courage to not falter, thus making his physical strength and formidable willpower great assets as the Black Ranger strongman. When he is not busy fighting crime with his friends, Jason enjoys working out, full-contact sports, and full-contact martial arts, with Kyokushin Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, and Greco-Roman Wrestling being some of his favorite martial arts, as well as training hard and well with all of his friends/teammates no matter what mission may arise from Captain Mitchell. He also enjoys partaking in picnics when summer comes as well as helping Rocky out in the kitchen to create culinary masterpieces.

Tommy is the fearsome fighter who lives and dies by, what he calls, the Eight Codes of the Dragon, specifically a good attitude, respect for everybody, self-respect, confidence, cooperation, discipline, dedication, and brotherhood as well as sisterhood, thus ensuring that he lives his life as honorably and full of integrity as possible, especially as the White Tigerzord Ranger. He considers himself to be a considerate fellow who wants to see the best in everybody. However, should anybody disrespect him and cause harm to him as well as his friends/teammates, he will be the first one to reprimand that person with a huge dose of justice and respect. Furthermore, he does his best to maintain peace and harmony as the group mediator, but he does not tolerate unnecessary violence to the point where he will not be afraid to land the first blows on the perpetrator. With valiance in his heart, strength in his body, courage in his soul, and focus on his mind, Tommy embodies these greatest traits as the White Ranger warrior who will never back down without a fight. Aside from honoring his ranger duties, Tommy is passionate about the martial arts, specifically Shotokan Karate, Wado-Ryu Karate, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jujitsu, Judo, and Nippon Kenpo, that he teaches aspiring soldiers the importance of the martial arts as well as make sure that he and his teammates always have the martial arts as part of their daily regimen, let alone their lifestyle.

Rocky is the charismatic social butterfly who is the life of the party, possesses a healthy appetite, and has the tendency to be a ladies’ man, but his best qualities of being a people person are his undying loyalty to his friends/teammates, staunchness in doing the right thing, and untainted sense of compassion towards others as the Blue Zeo Ranger. While he does possess an amusing and goofy side whether he chills out with his friends/teammates, attempts to flatter Jen, or fancies himself in culinary endeavors, he is not one to be underestimated with. Thus, when villains attempt to desecrate the sanctity of his companionship as well as his abode, Rocky will never hesitate to rain blows on the perpetrator although his impulsiveness does get the better of him. Regardless, he will never allow anybody to destroy the healthy bonds he has established with his comrades, teammates, and friends and will demonstrate the full power of his relentless fortitude as a fighter. Rocky’s unconditional loyalty, compassion, staunchness, and respect are the hallmarks of what makes him a fine Blue Ranger protector. Outside crimefighting, Rocky has an appetite for all types of food and loves to cook various dishes, thus ensuring that he, his teammates, and his family are all well-fed for the whole day. He is also a talented practitioner in Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, and Taekwondo, thus demonstrating his formidability as a martial artist.

Adam is the down-to-earth intellectual who is a maverick in medicine and machinery and always uses his brain, quick wit, and quick moves to help himself and his friends/teammates out of any and every sticky situation, thus making his intelligence, fearlessness, conscientiousness, and cognizance of his surroundings and situations his best traits as the Green Zeo Ranger. It would be wrong and reductive to assume that Adam is just the quiet, smart young man of a few words because he can possess a sarcastic side whenever someone does something foolish as well as a surprisingly lethal side that shows his penchant for military tactics, discovering his foes’ strengths and weaknesses, and disassembling his foes from the inside. Tactics aside, Adam is also capable of repairing technological difficulties if any piece of machinery goes awry, given his knowledge of physics and mechanics, and is extremely knowledgeable about medicine, for he can concoct ingredients for medicine whenever any disease disseminates any living creature’s body. Therefore, Adam is always the first to respond when he has solutions to even the toughest of problems, which thoroughly defines him as the Green Ranger genius. If Adam is not inventing and repairing machines for battle, he enjoys practicing Jeet Kune Do, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Hapkido as well as researching various martial arts and combat styles from all over the world and throughout history.

Taylor is the fierce military queen who is defined by her determination, wilfulness, and a strong ambition to consistently challenge herself and her friends/teammates, and has just as much military experience during her tenure as an Air Force ranger and soldier serving for her country, which has all helped her gain overall experience as the Yellow Wild Force Ranger. She walks the walk aside from talking the talk because she cannot afford to permit slacking off to desecrate all the hard work that she and her friends/teammates/comrades have created and pushes herself to achieve higher goals not only for herself but for everybody in the team. Taylor’s unabashed sense of decorum and honor is, in her view, firmly carved in stone, thus making everything she fights for and believes in have a specific purpose in her life. If her opponents push her, she shoves back with a vengeance and never backs down without a fight. If situations get tough, she compels herself to persevere until the job is done. Therefore, she never messes around let alone slacks off, for her tough work ethic is what is necessary to make her shine as the Yellow Ranger soldier queen. Taylor may love flying fighter planes, testing her weapons for target practice, and practicing martial arts such as Krav Maga, Marine Corps Martial Arts, Taekwondo, and Hapkido, but she also loves to travel to various countries and have intimate moments with Eric, for they trust in each other unconditionally.

Jen is the exceptionally well-rounded action girl whose unparalleled determination, steely ambition to constantly better herself, resolute focus, and unwavering encouragement empower herself and her teammates/friends/comrades to never surrender even when times get extremely contentious, which have all propelled her overall performance as the Pink Time Force Ranger. If any bum thinks it is fun to catcall Jen as well as trivialize the potential she has as a soldier and overall fighter, she will always prove them wrong by beating them up with everything she has got, thus showing that she is more than just a gorgeous face, and can clean herself up nicely after every skirmish, despite all the bruises and scars she has incurred. She is not one to be idle, for she always uses her mind and her spirit to cultivate something greater of herself as well as spur her teammates on to never settle for anything less. Overlooking her tough shell, Jen is motivated by unconditional love, compassion, courage, and hope for the people that she cares about so much, and her love so bound by duty and honor is what compels her to fight with every single breath in her body as the Pink Ranger action girl. Thus, Jen considers her duty as a Power Ranger as a privilege and an unalienable right. Jen can find time to enjoy the simple things in life such as her love for red roses, which are her favorite flowers, aside from her specialty of mastering Shaolin Kung Fu and Taekwondo.

Overlooking the Military Squadron Power Rangers’ color-coded representation as individual soldiers for virtue and justice, there are also main relationships that each ranger has with each other. Tommy and Jason have a firm brotherly bond to the point where their interactions with each other could legitimately succeed as brothers. Eric and Taylor have an underlying romantic relationship based on respect, allegiance, challenging each other to be better than who they are, and healthy doses of sexual tension. Rocky and Adam admire Jen for her bravery, perseverance, intelligence, and resilience, not because she is another pretty face, and Jen admires both Rocky’s charisma and Adam’s intellect, but it is more of puppy love on both sides. Tommy and Eric possess a friendly rivalry with each other in terms of testing each other’s strength and combat prowess, which they also share with Jason. Jason, Rocky, and Adam are utterly supportive of each other and constantly encourage each other to keep fighting the good fight. Eric tends to play the straight man in his interactions with Rocky and Adam because of how they form a symbiosis of not only their strong combat prowess but also building a brotherhood based on encouragement, respect, understanding, and comradeship. Taylor and Jen are the firmest of friends, for they share a lot in common with their military prowess, unbreakable codes of honor, and determination to get every mission done as well as finding time to appreciate both the finer and the simpler things in life. Whether platonic, romantic or based on puppy love, all seven Military Squadron Power Rangers have each other’s backs in times of loss and triumph.

The Military Squadron Power Rangers, consisting of Eric the leader, Jason the muscle, Tommy the warrior, Rocky the social butterfly, Adam the genius, Taylor the soldier queen, and Jen the well-rounded action girl, are one Power Rangers dream team to never mess with. Even when they are not yet morphed, their physical prowess and penchant for working as a team are unparalleled. When they are morphed, it is a completely different story but in the most magnificent possible. Tune in later when I talk about how these seven Power Rangers will fare morphed up, suited up, and ready for battle. Until then, take care, stay safe, and may the power protect you, everybody.

Eric Myers, Jason Lee Scott, Tommy Oliver, Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, Taylor Earhardt, and Jen Scotts from the Power Rangers franchise belong to Saban and Toei.

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  1. Pretty good team lineup. Though I can imagine Jen and Taylor getting into a few clashes with Eric over leadership duties.

    Have you ever thought about adapting a pre-Zyuranger Sentai? Coming up with original characters and the reason they were assembled? It’s a fun creative writing exercise.

      1. Yeah, I’ve got a few ideas for adaptations knocking around. One for a take on Flashman called Power Rangers Psi-Force (set in the 80s, all the Rangers have some psychic ability) and one for the recent sentai King-Ohger that would be set on Eltar (Zordon’s home world)

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