This septet meme originally belongs to Alpha-Duelist35 and is dedicated to all of the Power Rangers fans in the world. Sit back, relax, and revel in how I perceive my personal Power Rangers dream team unmorphed. This is just the first out of ten seven-person Power Rangers dream teams I have in store. Therefore, Military Squadron Power Rangers, assemble! It’s morphin’ time!

I will always argue that this is a team-up that encapsulates all seven Power Ranger suit colors red, black, white, blue, green, yellow, and pink, given that these were the colors introduced during all three seasons of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Furthermore, regardless of how vastly different their Zords are, the Military Squadron Power Rangers are united by the common goal of protecting the earth from every invader who dares conquer the world, specifically from Stanton’s Woods all the way up to Andromeda City. Once the Military Squadron Power Rangers spring into action whether from their home base or within the locale they are doing their battle against the monster of the week, people should be aware that their heroes are always on the job to save them from doom and destruction.

All seven Military Squadron Power Rangers have their respective morphers that also function as wrist communicators from Eric’s Quantum Morpher to Jason’s Black Gold Ranger Zeonizer to Tommy’s Power Morpher to Rocky’s and Adam’s Zeonizer to Taylor’s Growl Phone to Jen’s Chrono Morpher to ensure that the communication they have in battle remains alive and well. This is also very useful when all seven rangers morph into their respective ranger suits.

Just to be clear on the morphing call, if all seven rangers are involved, Eric, as he is the Red Ranger leader, would sound the call with “Military Squadron Power Rangers, assemble! It’s morphin’ time!”, thus having the morphing call lineup as follows:

Tommy: White Ranger Tigerzord Power!

Jason: Black Gold Ranger Power!

Rocky: Zeo Ranger Three Blue!

Jen: Time for Time Force! Time Force Pink!

Adam: Zeo Ranger Four Green!

Taylor: Wild Access Yellow! Soaring Eagle!

Eric: Red Quantum Power! Red Quantum Ranger!

The same morphing can also be used even when Eric is not announcing it, especially when there are between two to six people involved. When morphing individually, the Rangers would mainly use their respective calls, i.e., Jen with “Time for Time Force! Time Force Pink!” While the main morphing time call is “Military Squadron Power Rangers, assemble! It’s morphin’ time!”, it is mainly reserved for group morphs of two to all seven for the sake of team effectivity. The individual morphing calls are reserved for any ranger going at battles alone which they would rarely do, as they mostly fight as a group.

Their individual modes of transportation are the following: Eric’s TF Eagle, Jason’s Gold Defender Wheel, Tommy’s White Shark Cycle, Rocky’s Zeo Jet Cycle III, Adam’s Zeo Jet Cycle IV, Taylor’s Yellow Savage Cycle, and Jen’s Pink Vector Cycle. Bearing special mention are how the TF Eagle can travel through time, the Gold Defender can function also function as a tank, the White Shark Cycle can travel through the toughest terrains, the Zeo Jet Cycle III can travel through water, the Zeo Jet Cycle IV can travel through the air, the Yellow Savage Cycle can travel by both land and air, and the Pink Vector Cycle can travel by land as well as fly. When they travel as a group on land, Eric has his Quantum Automobile which can fit him and his teammates/comrades/friends inside the van, with Eric taking the wheel, Taylor sitting in the front; Rocky, Jen, and Adam in the middle, and Tommy and Jason at the backseat. When they travel by air, Taylor has her Eagle Helicopter which can fit her and all her teammates/comrades/friends, which is great for long-distance journeys. Whatever mode of transportation the seven rangers have, they will always be there at their destination on the double to stop crime and protect the world.

As all seven members of the Military Squadron Power Rangers are fully morphed and suited, each of them also has heightened powers that define them as well as weapons for extra ammunition to get the job done. Eric the Red Quantum Ranger has heightened combat prowess, advanced physical strength, and quicker reflexes, is armed with the Quantum Defender in both blaster and blade mode when finishing off monsters and demons, and has his Quantum Mega Battle Armor on standby for heavy-duty battles as well as quicker maneuvering. Jason the Black Gold Ranger has super strength ideal for all the heavy-lifting duties and is armed with his Golden Power Staff to incapacitate his enemies. Tommy the White Tigerzord Ranger has super speed, heightened stealth, and quicker reflexes in his martial arts moves and is armed with Saba the talking sword that can do anything from levitation to laser beam projection to lightning empowerment to controlling the Tigerzord. Rocky the Blue Zeo Ranger has heightened reflexes and more endurable combat prowess, is armed with his Zeo Laser Pistol that can transform into a sword for long-range attacks, and has his Zeo Power Tonfas for close-contact attacks. Adam the Green Zeo Ranger has quicker agility and more brutality in his combat moves, is armed with his Zeo Laser Blade that can transform into a pistol for long-distance attacks, and has his Zeo Power Axes for inflicting high-damage attacks. Taylor the Yellow Wild Force Ranger has speedy levitation, heightened agility, and rapider reflexes, is armed with her Crystal Saber for short-range and close-quartered attacks, and has her Golden Eagle Sword on hold for tougher enemies as well as longer-range attacks. Jen the Pink Time Force Ranger has increased agility, stronger physical endurance, and quicker reflexes, is armed with her Chrono Sabers to inflict visceral pain on her enemies, and has her V5 Vortex Blaster always ready to thoroughly blast enemies to smithereens. It goes without saying that all seven Military Squadron Rangers in their morphed forms are armed and dangerous once they head into battle against their enemies.

Individually, their respective weapons can damage any monster and demon they battle, but, when they combine their weapons, they can inflict just as much damage together as they can individually. Once Eric’s Quantum Defender, Jason’s Golden Power Staff, Tommy’s talking sword Saba, Rocky’s Zeo Power Tonfas, Adam’s Zeo Power Axes, Taylor’s Golden Power Swords, and Jen’s V5 Vortex Blaster are combined, they form the Military Squadron Power Blaster, with Jason’s Golden Power Staff being used as the main bullet powered by the energy of all the weapons and the trigger of Jen’s V5 Vortex Blaster being used as a launching pad for the attack. This is especially useful for disintegrating monsters and demons, but not while they are in their fully grown state.

The Military Squadron Megazord is what is needed to defeat monsters and demons that grow the size of a skyscraper, thus combining Eric’s Quantasaurus Rex Zord, Jason’s Pyramidas Zord, Tommy’s Tigerzord, Rocky’s Sphinx Zord, Adam’s Taurus Zord, Taylor’s Yellow Eagle Wildzord, and Jen’s Time Flyer 5 Zord to form this said Megazord. Eric’s Q-Rex forms the head, Jason’s Pyramidas forms the chest and abdominal area, Tommy’s Tigerzord forms the arms and hands, Rocky’s Sphinx forms the legs and feet, Adam’s Taurus Zord forms the helmet and visor, Taylor’s Yellow Eagle Wildzord forms the wings attached to the back and shoulder areas, and Jen’s Time Flyer 5 Zord forms the gauntlets, shoulder guards, shin guards, and foot guards. The result is that the Military Squadron Megazord appears to be akin to a gigantic warrior who crosses between ancient Japanese samurai and modern military soldier. It is clear that their Megazord can fly at long distances, protect itself superbly by having its armor deflecting various blasts, and endure even the most excruciating of blows, but one asset that the Military Squadron Megazord has in store is its Explosive Metal Saber constructed from an alloy of titanium, steel, solidified volcanic lava, and solar flares. Because of the material the Explosive Metal Saber is constructed from, this weapon is ideal for finishing off giant monsters and demons. The finishing attack, the Explosive Metal Saber Mega Slash, has the Military Squadron Megazord slashing and slicing the monster/demon of the week from the head to the stomach to the legs as well as from side to side and diagonally to make the monster/demon explode into a fine dust. Thus, the Military Squadron Megazord and its main weapon, the Explosive Metal Saber, are always guaranteed to get the job done in extinguishing any and every monster and demon who dare to destroy the city.

The seven Military Squadron Power Rangers in their morphed forms are indeed a powerful team to never be messed with. Their heightened strength, stealth, combat prowess, and physical toughness demonstrate how powerfully they fare against vile demons, scary monsters, and frightful viruses. With the help of their martial arts skills, weapons, and their Megazord, they can defend Stanton’s Woods, Andromeda City, and the world from all despair and destruction.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and may the power protect you, everybody.

Eric Myers, Jason Lee Scott, Tommy Oliver, Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, Taylor Earhardt, and Jen Scotts from the Power Rangers franchise belong to Saban and Toei.

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