Deep in Stanton’s Woods was a spherical building encapsulated in titanium and chromium, which was the main residence of the Military Squadron Power Rangers. The Military Squadron Power Rangers consisted of seven members from different Power Rangers teams chosen to protect Andromeda City from all evil and harm. They were Eric Myers, the Red Quantum Ranger, Jason Lee Scott, the Black Gold Zeo Ranger, Tommy Oliver, the White Tigerzord Ranger, Rocky DeSantos, the Blue Zeo Ranger, Adam Park, the Green Zeo Ranger, Taylor Earhardt, the Yellow Eagle Wild Force Ranger, and Jen Scotts, the Pink Time Force Ranger.

Eric the Red Ranger led his team with discipline, determination, and an iron fist, having learned from his experience as the commander of a police force known as the Silver Guardians, but was willing to sacrifice himself for his comrades and protect innocent civilians from harm. Therefore, his strong code of honor made him stand for what was right and just.

Jason the Black Ranger co-led the team and was the strongest combatant, being g renowned for his sheer power and forcefulness when delivering brutal blows and submission holds against his opponents. He also possessed bundles of encouragement and motivation to not only challenge himself as a fighter but also the team in every endeavor.

Tommy the White Ranger also co-led the team and was the most skilled combatant, with his main attribute being his lethal accuracy when striking his opponents down and his mastery of several martial arts including Karate, Kenpo, Judo, and Jujitsu. Martial arts skills aside, Tommy was also a patient and generous soul who saw the best in everybody.

Rocky the Blue Ranger may have been a sociable charmer with a knack for parties, an equally huge appetite, and a tendency to be flirtatious with attractive young women, but he was a strong fighter who never gave up on his team and was the glue who held everybody together in times of joy, sadness, suffering, and triumph.

Adam the Green Ranger was the team’s resident genius who was proficient in mechanics and medicine and was just as much of a strong and quick fighter as his teammates, thus being an exceptional combination of intelligence, quick wit, and rapid reflexes on and off the battlefield. He also used his analytical brain to strategize each plan of action before combat.

Taylor the Yellow Ranger was a fierce soldier and Air Force ranger who was an expert in both hand-to-hand combat and military tactics. Physical and military prowess aside, she was also an organized and stern warrior who never fooled around with her opponents and was always willing to defend herself and her teammates from any pernicious invader.

Jen the Pink Ranger was a formidable blend of beauty, brains, courage, fortitude, and stamina in her work as a Power Ranger and as a person. She was a well-rounded fighter who combined tactfulness and physical strength to overcome her opponents but also had an affinity for flowers and fashion, especially red roses and dresses made of satin and velvet.

As Eric, Jason, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Taylor, and Jen were training in their obstacle course, they were suddenly interrupted by a video call from Commander William Mitchell on the television monitor. All seven Military Squadron Power Rangers scampered to the monitor to attend to Commander Mitchell’s latest mission for them.

“Rangers, this is urgent! You must head to Andromeda City immediately. There has been an influx of people being infected by a fatal virus.”

Commander Mitchell proceeded to show the Military Squadron Power Rangers videos of people becoming zombified and painfully suffering from their wounds, thus having their skin explode with pus and oil. Meanwhile, a demonic entity was laughing at the people’s demise, as the sky was shrouded in damning darkness and poisonous smog.

Rocky was disgusted at all the pus that he was seeing as well as the dead look on the people’s faces, “Guys, this is horrible. Who do you think could have done such a thing?”

Adam got out his minicomputer, scanned the screen, and it displayed a profile of the demon responsible for the virus.

“It must be the work of Jigoku-Aku. Look at the marks he has left on those people. He’s more sinister than all the past demons we’ve fought.”

Tommy’s and Jason’s eyes widened with horror at the near-death terror that the people were facing because of Jigoku-Aku’s virus.

“If we don’t stop him now, he’ll enslave everybody in Andromeda City.”

“Right, bro, think how much he’s gonna make everybody there suffer.”

Taylor responded, “Nobody has the right to infect and enslave those people.”

Jen chimed in, “Not now, not ever. We’re going to bring Jigoku-Aku to justice!”

Eric, after knowing what he and his teammates were going to be up against, declared, “You got that right, guys. Jigoku-Aku’s going to pay for what he’s doing to them. Commander Mitchell, you have our word. We’re going to put a stop to Jigoku-Aku’s machinations.”

“Good luck, rangers, and may the power protect you.” Commander Mitchell said as the television monitor shut off.

Eric assembled Jason, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Taylor, and Jen into formation position, as he announced, “Military Squadron Power Rangers, assemble! It’s morphin’ time!”, and all seven rangers unleashed their power morphing devices. Tommy had his Power Morpher, Jason, Rocky, and Adam their Zeonizers; Jen her Chrono Morpher, Taylor her Growl Phone, and Eric his Quantum Morpher at the ready for them to transform into their suits.

“White Tigerzord Ranger Power!” Tommy bellowed, as he now wore his white Power Ranger suit with a black and gold chest plate, and a white-gold helmet reminiscent of a tiger.

“Black Gold Ranger Power!” Jason yelled, as he now wore his black Power Ranger suit with gold ornaments on his chest, arms, the top of his white gloves, and the top of his white boots.

“Zeo Ranger Three Blue!” Rocky commanded, as he now wore his blue Power Ranger Zeo suit with a triangle visor on his helmet.

“Time for Time Force! Time Force Pink!” Jen cried out, as she now wore her pink Power Ranger Time Force suit with a heart design on her helmet.

“Zeo Ranger Four Green!” Adam shouted as he wore his green Power Ranger Zeo suit with a rectangular visor on his helmet.

“Wild Access Yellow! Soaring Eagle!” Taylor howled, as she wore her yellow Power Ranger Wild Force suit with her helmet shaped like an eagle’s head.

“Red Quantum Power! Red Quantum Ranger!” Eric roared, as he wore his red Quantum Ranger suit with a red flame design on his helmet.

“All right, guys, let’s exterminate this demon!” Eric commanded.

“Right!” Tommy, Jason, Rocky, Adam, Taylor, and Jen responded.

All seven rangers headed to Andromeda City in a flash. They finally encountered Jigoku-Aku, a towering demon with reptilian features, ferocious red eyes, yellow claws and fangs, and a terrifying voice. At his side were all the people he enslaved.

“Ah, the Military Squadron Rangers. How delightful of you to come. Have you come to save your precious people from the virus I have inflicted?” Jigoku-Aku cackled menacingly.

“Your reign of terror ends here now! Rangers, attack!” Eric commanded, and all seven rangers delivered vicious blows against Jigoku-Aku.

Eric commenced with a Superman punch to Jigoku-Aku’s face followed by delivering a shot from his Quantum Defender Blaster to his eye. Tommy roundhouse kicked Jigoku-Aku’s stomach and unsheathed Saba, his sword with a tiger handle, to slash him on the chest. Jason unleashed a headbutt while taking out his staff to batter Jigoku-Aku’s skull. Rocky gave Jigoku-Aku a spinning back kick to his right flank and shot him in the same spot with his laser. Adam gave Jigoku-Aku a front kick to the stomach and shot him there with his laser. Taylor rushed towards Jigoku-Aku with an uppercut to his chin and a slash to his face with her Golden Eagle Sword. Jen delivered a spinning axe kick to Jigoku-Aku’s head and slashed his eyes with her Chrono Sabers.

Finally, all seven rangers combined their weapons as one and bellowed their attack.

“Military Squadron Power Blaster, ignite!”

They shot Jigoku-Aku in his stomach, causing him to fall down with a thud. However, he was not finished with them yet, as he limped back up and tore off the skin that exposed the festering wounds he was inflicted with, thus exposing the acid-laden lacerations, became a more mutated version of who he was with even more demonic features, and grew into the size of a skyscraper. All seven rangers were astonished at Jigoku-Aku’s enormous size that they had one solution to solve this giant problem.

“We need Military Squadron Megazord Power, now!” Eric commanded, as seven giant robots called Zords assembled. Eric’s Q-Rex Zord, Tommy’s Tigerzord, Jason’s Pyramidas Zord, Rocky’s Sphinx Zord, Adam’s Taurus Zord, Taylor’s Yellow Eagle Wildzord, and Jen’s Time Flyer 5 Zord gathered to form the Military Squadron Megazord, and all seven rangers boarded their respective Zords. The Military Squadron Megazord and the enlarged Jigoku-Aku fought intensely, with the latter slashing the former with his sharp claws. Nevertheless, the Military Squadron Zord had a special weapon made from an alloy of titanium, steel, solidified volcanic lava, and solar flares called the Explosive Metal Saber to destroy Jigoku-Aku once and for all, thus releasing the people from his curse.

“All right, guys, let’s give this demon virus a taste of our Explosive Metal Saber power!” Eric commanded.

“Yeah! Let’s do this!” Tommy, Jason, Rocky, Adam, Taylor, and Jen responded.

The Military Squadron Megazord unsheathed the Explosive Metal Saber, as all seven rangers commanded, “Explosive Metal Saber Mega Slash!”

The Military Squadron Megazord then slashed Jigoku-Aku from his head all the way to his stomach as well as from side to side. Once their slashing was done, Jigoku-Aku screamed in pain and anguish and exploded into a fine dust.

Andromeda City, which was once shrouded in darkness and smog, returned to its sunny brightness and clear skies. The citizens of Andromeda City have also regained consciousness of their senses, but the wounds were still there. All seven rangers deboarded from their Zords, attended to the people, and sent them to Captain Mitchell’s office for healing and proper medication.

Once in Captain Mitchell’s office, all seven rangers powered down. Adam, with the help of Captain Mitchell’s son Ryan, his daughter Dana, his son-in-law Carter, and his daughter-in-law Kelsey prepared serums made from sulfuric acid, Zeo crystal extracts, Vitamin A, and Potassium to heal the people from their painful wounds. Eric, Jason, Tommy, Rocky, Taylor, and Jen also did their part in ensuring that the people recovered from their wounds by remaining by their sides. The wounds instantaneously dissipated, and the people were thankful to the seven unmorphed rangers, Captain Mitchell, Carter, and Dana for healing them. It took time for everybody infected by Jigoku-Aku’s virus to be cured. However, once everybody was healed, life slowly got back to normal.

With the recent attack by Jigoku-Aku on the people of Andromeda City, there was no time for complacency. Eric, Jason, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Taylor, and Jen remained as vigilant as ever to make sure that Andromeda City did not end up suffering another demonic virus.

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