A long time ago in the lush city of Miyanomora, where cherry blossoms and red roses bloomed, making the air people breathed sweet and fragrant, there lived three firebender warrior princes named Robin, Kid Flash, and Zuko, and three waterbender healer princesses named Raven, Jinx, and Katara. The three firebender princes were the most courageous combatants Miyanomora had ever seen, with Robin being a fearlessly formidable leader, Kid Flash an athletically agile runner, and Zuko a relentlessly robust fighter. The three waterbender princesses were sagacious mages who have always fought with solidarity and honor for the people of Miyanomora, with Raven being an incredibly intellectual genius, Jinx an elegantly expert sorceress, and Katara a caringly compassionate soul. The three firebender princes and the three waterbender princesses had been betrothed to each other ever since the princes were 12 and the princesses were 10, specifically Robin with Raven, Kid Flash with Jinx, and Zuko with Katara, as there was nobody else in Miyanomora let alone the world they would rather be with than their respective betrotheds. With the princes currently 17 and the princesses currently 15, they had proven themselves worthy of each other’s unconditional love and trust. Healthy relationships and marriage prospects aside, the three firebender princes and the three waterbender princesses united their powers to keep Miyanomora safe from pernicious harm and did what they could to maintain balance.

One day, Emperor Iroh, who was Robin’s, Kid Flash’s, and Zuko’s wise and loving father who had raised them all alone ever since their mother sacrificed herself to protect her family from oncoming pillagers, called the three pairs of lovers into the throne room to prepare for their triple weddings. He was happy to see his three sons and his three future daughters-in-law about to be united in conjugal unity, but also had a tinge of concern on his face, as he called them into his throne room. There was no doubt that Robin, Kid Flash, Zuko, Raven, Jinx, and Katara were pleased to see him, but his joyful expression then changed to a more furrowed one.

“My dear sons and my dear future daughters-in-law, I have seen you grow in love, trust, honesty, and grace as the most beautiful couples that I have ever seen. While today would have been your special day to be married, trouble has arrived in Miyanomora. An evil demon named Akumakaijin has set foot to destroy Miyanomora and all its resources by causing toil and turmoil in the villages, temples, streams, and forests. You must unite to stop this demon right now before Miyanomora plunges into eternal drought.”

“Father, my brothers, and our fiancées will stop this destruction,” Robin responded.

“We will unite all our powers to cease this pillage from occurring,” Raven added.

“I have faith in you, and I wish you good luck on your journey.” Emperor Iroh said, as the three firebender princes and the three waterbender princesses bowed in reverence and dashed out of the throne room.

At a nearby lake where people were swimming, Akumakaijin began his reign of terror. He was a hulking demon with bronze horns on his head, crimson skin that was all scaly and rough to the touch, neon green eyes like lasers, spear-like fangs, sword-like claws, and a bellowing roar loud enough to make even a Tyrannosaurus Rex sound like a house cat. He breathed sulfuric acid from his mouth, making the air have a putrid smell and making plant life droop. The people who were swimming earlier scampered away from this terrible demon in panic and distress. Meanwhile, Robin spotted Akumakaijin causing chaos at the lake, and he along with Kid Flash, Zuko, Raven, Jinx, and Katara headed out to conquer the demon.

“Your reign of terror ends here, Akumakaijin!” Robin boomed.

“You have caused enough destruction!” Kid Flash roared.

“We will stop your wanton chaos and restore order!” Zuko bellowed.

“You have messed with the wrong people!” Raven hollered.

“You are going to have a taste of what our powers are like!” Jinx yelled.

“And we are going to give it to you right now!” Katara cried out.

Akumakaijin approached the six mages, bent down to their level, let out a huge and terrifying laugh, and blasted them with a fireball emerging from his hands.

“You puny, insignificant fools think you can challenge me?! Do you think you have the strength to save your precious city?!”

Robin, Kid Flash, Zuko, Raven, Jinx, and Katara arose slowly, as they still felt the pain inflicted
from Akumakaijin’s fireball.

“We’ll do what we can to defeat you and protect Miyanomora!” Zuko groaned as he got back up on his feet.

“Even if it means sacrificing our lives to protect the people!” Katara added.

“So, what are you waiting for, demon?” Robin demanded.

“Let’s do this!” Robin, Kid Flash, Zuko, Raven, Jinx, and Katara exclaimed unanimously.

Akumakaijin charged himself up again with full power, as flames and brimstone erupted from all parts of his body. Robin, Kid Flash, Zuko, Raven, Jinx, and Katara readied their bending stances and charged headfirst into the demon also charged up with their respective powers. Akumakaijin then slashed the three firebender princes and the three waterbender princesses in one fell swoop, thus making them crash to the ground with earth-shaking thuds. Just as Akumakaijin was about to overcome the six mages once again, something amazing happened. They sprang back into action once again to deliver some powerful attacks that did a huge number on Akumakaijin.

Robin lept up the air and unleashed seven powerful jabs, hooks, and cross punches fueled by fire to Akumakaijin’s eyes. Kid Flash created a fiery whirlwind to disorient him. Zuko formed a flame-like spear to throw at his stomach. Raven, Jinx, and Katara raised their hands to recite the incantation “Aquarios Metrion Zinthos” and unleashed a tidal wave from their hands to extinguish Akumakaijin’s flames. To add further damage to the demon, Raven shot icicles from her hands to his eyes, Jinx flung ice blades from her palms to his face and chest, and Katara enveloped Akumakaijin in a mound of ice, which was the water from the lake that she froze using her waterbending skills. With Akumakaijin thoroughly blinded, lacerated, and encased in ice, it was time for his evil to be undone and for him to be destroyed for good. Robin, Kid Flash, Zuko, Raven, Jinx, and Katara combined their powers, formed a powerfully glowing orb that was shaped like the yin-yang symbol, with vibrant fire representing yang and flowing water representing yin, and blasted the orb at Akumakaijin. The blast was so extremely potent that Akumakaijin exploded into a million pieces until he was reduced to nothing more than fine dust. Subsequently, Akumakaijin’s ashes did not destroy anything but made plant life grow more beautifully, the sky bluer and crystal clear, and the lake returned to its resplendent clarity. Miyanomora was at peace once again now that Akumakaijin was destroyed.

Robin, Kid Flash, Zuko, Raven, Jinx, and Katara traversed back to the palace after their arduous battle. Seeing his sons and future daughters-in-law nearly tattered from their battle and saving Miyanomora, Emperor Iroh welcomed them with a huge embrace and tears of joy trickling down his weathered but vibrant face.

“My sons, my future daughters-in-law, I am relieved to see that you are all safe and that you have defeated Akumakaijin. Thanks to all of you, peace and harmony are restored in Miyanomora. Now, I will make all the arrangements necessary for you three wonderful couples to have the best marriage ever.”

With Emperor Iroh’s blessings, Robin, Kid Flash, and Zuko were free to marry Raven, Jinx, and Katara respectively, as the three firebender princes embraced the three waterbender princesses. Robin was overjoyed to finally accept Raven as his wife. Kid Flash was blessed to be united under conjugal love with Jinx. Zuko was grateful to have Katara in his life to the point where he gave her a passionate kiss, and she reciprocated. As for Emperor Iroh, he was happy to see his sons and soon-to-be daughters-in-law together and knew that they would last for many years to come as three loving couples.

The next day, the three firebender princes’ and the three waterbender princesses’ wedding at the Miyanomora palace began, with rose garlands incensing the room with beautiful and exotic scents, the sun radiating it with a bright and glowing light that reflected everybody’s joy of seeing the three firebender princes’ and three waterbender princesses’ conjugal unity, and both Fire Nation, as well as Water Tribe nobles, flooding into the room to witness the holy matrimony of all three couples. The retinue consisted of flowermaidens dressed in sky blue, ringbearers dressed in crimson, and maids of honor dressed in purple. Robin, Kid Flash, and Zuko were dressed in crimson robes, gold sashes, black pants, and black shoes with gold crowns on their heads, while Raven, Jinx, and Katara were dressed in midnight blue gowns, sapphire slippers, jade necklaces, long sapphire veils, and gold tiaras with their hair tied in buns. The three firebender princes and the three waterbender princesses approached each other with loving gazes to each other, as Emperor Iroh announced:

“Dearly beloved guests, we have gathered here today to witness the holy matrimony between my three sons and my three daughters-in-law. They have done great service to protect Miyanomora from harm, and I reward them with their marriage. Robin and Raven, Kid Flash and Jinx, and Zuko and Katara shall be united in holy matrimony, and I could not be any happier to see these three beautiful couples unite under love, fidelity, trust, and allegiance.”

The three ringbearers approached the three couples and presented them with their golden wedding rings. Robin, Kid Flash, and Zuko put on their rings on Raven, Jinx, and Katara, and Raven, Jinx, and Katara did the same thing with Robin, Kid Flash, and Zuko. After the exchange of rings was done, Emperor Iroh proceeded with the rest of the wedding ceremony.

“Do you, Robin, Kid Flash, and Zuko, accept Raven, Jinx, and Katara as your lawfully wedded wives?”

“We do.” Robin, Kid Flash, and Zuko responded.

Emperor Iroh turned his head to Raven, Jinx, and Katara and asked them the same question.

“And do you, Raven, Jinx, and Katara, accept Robin, Kid Flash, and Zuko as your lawfully wedded husbands.”

“We do.” Raven, Jinx, and Katara responded.

Emperor Iroh then blessed all three couples.

“Under the watchful eyes of Tui and La, you are united under one roof as husbands and wives. You may now kiss each other.”

Robin and Raven embraced and kissed each other, followed by Kid Flash and Jinx doing the same to each other, and Zuko and Katara doing the same deed. Thus, Robin and Raven, Kid Flash and Jinx, and Zuko and Katara were united as husbands and wives. All of the guests clapped and cheered for the three couples, while Emperor Iroh was shedding tears of joy at his sons and daughters-in-law.

At the reception hall, a ball came underway with all of the Fire Nation nobles dancing with the Water Tribe nobles. The ballroom whirled in joy, as Robin and Raven, Kid Flash and Jinx, and Zuko and Katara took center stage.

“Raven, I wish for the both of us to live our happiest lives together,” Robin said.

Raven responded, “Oh, Robin, I wish the same thing too.”

“Jinx, we are going to live our best lives possible with a beautiful family.” Kid Flash stated.

Jinx answered, “No doubt about it, Kid Flash, especially with lots of children.”

“Katara, let us keep on standing together in spite of every trial,” Zuko whispered in Katara’s ear.

“Zuko, I will do the same thing with you as well,” Katara whispered back into Zuko’s ear.

As all the guests continued to dance, all three happily wedded couples kissed each other and slowly danced the evening away. Their lives as newly wedded couples had just begun, and they would be exciting lives full of unconditional love and abundant prosperity for all eternity.

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