As James has let many of you know, I’ve basically spearheaded the makeover of this site. I figured, given James promoting the new era of Manic Expression with his announcement about the YouTube channel last month, that the site needed a fresh coat of paint and some more polish to go with it.

So I looked through the themes, and found ChromeNews, which looks like a more modern version of the Newsup theme Manic Expression has been using since the end of August 2020. I’ve been experimenting with a few widgets and plugins, and have responded to the comments in my previous survey post.

In response to feedback, the floating social media buttons that floated down the page have been disabled. They won’t be coming back under my watch. If someone re-enables them, it won’t be me. I found them pretty annoying myself, but once I found a better way of presenting social media links, I ditched them and went with the better way.

Said better way is social media link buttons on the top bar of the main site (the same one that contains the date and time), as well as social media links at the footer (bottom of the page). In addition, all blog posts now have social media share and follow links, so you can share posts on Facebook and Twitter (and maybe Pinterest), as well as check the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok pages of Manic Expression by following the ‘follow’ links.

If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or whatever, feel free to ask me or James. We’d love further input on what would be great for the site.

One more thing: If the demotivational poster saying “PHOOEY!” to the Inuyasha-Kagome relationship  turns up at the bottom of this post between the last paragraph and the comments, I feel I should add this disclaimer for all Inuyasha-Kagome shippers out there: The views expressed by the creator of the demotivational poster are those of said creator, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Manic Expression community as a whole. Everyone is free to have their own opinions as to whether they like or dislike this character pairing from a popular anime/manga.

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1 thought on “More on the revamped Manic Expression site (August 17, 2022)

  1. That last paragraph is because I originally was going to post a very different article (one listing favorite comic book writers), but then the ‘previous/next’ portion insisted on displaying a full-sized version of the anti-Inuyasha/Kagome (or anti-InuKag) demotivational poster at the bottom, and I couldn’t find a way in the settings to turn it off.
    So therefore, this post will hopefully prevent other posts unrelated to Inuyasha from accidentally displaying that demotivational poster on the way to the comments.

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