Manic Expression Theme Survey: Newsup, ChromeNews, or Whatever?

As you may have noticed, a new theme has been installed for the site. ChromeNews seems to have more bells and whistles than Newsup, the theme Manic Expression has been using since late August of 2020.

Among other things ChromeNews has that Newsup seems to lack are dark mode, greater customization (authors can customize where or whether the sidebars appear in their posts), and multi-author post support (thanks to a plugin). It also has a somewhat more modern look than Newsup.

Newsup has its old-style charm, though. It’s pretty simple and easy, though it lacks some features like ‘dark mode’.

However, I’d like to give a survey to everyone. Which theme do you prefer?

A. Newsup – I liked the old theme
B. Chromenews – It looks better, has dark mode and other cool features
C. Some other theme
D. Either way is fine with me, I’m not all that interested.

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10 thoughts on “Manic Expression Theme Survey: Newsup, ChromeNews, or Whatever?

    1. Well, the floating buttons were more trouble than they were worth. I found them annoying, too. They’re gone now (as I type this, anyway).
      In their place are social media links at the top of the page (on the same bar as the date and time) and at the bottom (the ‘footer’). I’m hoping this works out better for all of us.
      Unless we find a plugin with a less intrusive floating button sidebar, the floating buttons will stay gone, and good riddance.

    1. Yes, they do. They can be customized. To be honest, I’m not really fond of them, but we do need to find SOME place for the social media buttons.
      They can be moved to the right, or to the top or bottom of the screen as well. And there’s also an option for putting them in the widgets in the sidebar or the bottom, if one can get them to work.

        1. Okay. I turned off the floating sidebars and icons. Social media follow icons can be found at the top of the page (on the same bar that shows the current date and time), and at the bottom of the page (footer). In addition, follow and share buttons are at the end of every post.

          This should (I hope) be a far less intrusive means of linking to social media than the floating icons.

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