To whom it may concern. I’d like to explain what this site is, and what it is not. First off, what IS Manic Expression?

    What this site is:

This site, Manic Expression, is intended for people to share their views and reviews of movies, television, comic books, anime, and other products of popular culture. Here, we may offer opinions on everything from superheroes to satire.

The site was started by James Daniel Walsh, who used to post his STOP THE HATE blogs on the blog portion of the That Guy With The Glasses site. Around a decade or so ago, James and a bunch of like-minded bloggers got tired of the lack of exposure and neglect they were getting there (long story, and not really mine to tell – James can tell it better than I can. I didn’t start blogging until Manic Expression started), and decided to start a site of their own.

Hence, Manic Expression was born. Here, we see regular contributors such as James himself with James’ Corner, where he discusses movies, cultural trends, and current events.

There’s A Look At Disney, where Moviefan12 talks about various Disney movies, TV shows, theme parks, and related subjects.

There’s Decker Shado, the Internet personality with the best hair, and his video reviews of movies from the past few decades.

There’s Toongrin with Whyboy and reviews of several animated features.

Rowdy C Moore hosts TV Trash, where he reviews lots of old shows. Some live on in infamy, and some have been forgotten. And maybe some of the stuff he reviews isn’t as bad as others.

Antoni Matteo Garcia posts a wide variety of things, from reviews of stage performances to fan artwork.

Curiosity Inc.’s Movie Curiosities is devoted to reviewing recent movies that many of us have heard about and might be curious about.

My own column, Chris Lang’s Commentaries, is all about whatever I feel like talking about in a column at the time. I have several sub-columns, such as Why It Just Doesn’t Work (where I explain why certain scenes in fictional works just don’t work), Fanfic Subgenres (where I describe common fanfic subgenres and tropes, and discuss how they’re used in professionally produced fiction as well as fanfic), and Enough Already, where I just rant about things we need a break from.

There’s also James Faraci’s reviews of movies and even Internet shows, Madhog Thy Master, 2 Guys Who Watch Movies, FunkyMonkey, Jim Bevan, Jamietud, Hedonistic Actor, and many more valued contributors who offer their pop culture commentary.

We don’t see Fanfic Critic, Big Black Hat Man, and jashykins as much as we used to, but when they or other long-absent Manic Expressionists make their return, we’re glad to see them again.

All in all, this is a place for people to share their creativity. And as long as people are doing that, then we don’t have a problem.

However, I need to address the elephant in the room. Lately, there’s been an increase in posts that are NOT in the spirit of this site. Those posts have been sent to the Trash when seen, but it’s still upsetting to see them.

So now that I’ve explained what Manic Expression IS, let me now explain what this site is NOT.

    What this site is NOT:

This site is NOT a site for spam, unsolicited advertising of ANY products (including, but not limited to, any sort of medications or pills). This is Manic Expression, not Spammic Expression, so if you’re here to push dietary supplements or boner pills, then please don’t do that. Any spam posts will be trashed on sight.

It’s also not a site for rudeness, bigotry, or acting like a jerk. If you are in any way offended by tolerance for non-whites, LGBTQ people, people who aren’t rich, or religions other than your own, then this is not the site for you. We here at Manic Expression are accepting of all races, sexualities, and so on.

It’s not a site for toxic fandom. James Daniel Walsh has already devoted several STOP THE HATE blogs to combatting disproportionate hatred of Star Wars characters and actors, for example.

We accept criticism, but only if it’s constructive.

Also, if you wish to be a contributor to this site, please be kind and only post one blog/video per day.

All in all, the more you use this site the way it was intended – as a means of reading and/or sharing fun reviews and views of various aspects of popular culture – then the more you will get out of it.

I hope this explains a few things.

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