Here’s hoping this one does.. at least slightly better than the last interview I posted?

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5 thoughts on “I Need You Dead! – Director Interview with Rocko Zevenbergen

  1. Sounds like a very weird movie. I stopped the video at the 5:52 mark because I might want to go into this movie unspoiled, since it seems a big part of the movie is how it isn’t quite what audiences expect.

    1. Unfortunately, it looks like YouTube currently has a big hate for interview videos… not just mine, but it looks like most channels interviews “strangely” underperform by massive numbers. I do hope to do more, but if I do it’ll have to be a 3rd video for a week, as I need something that YouTube won’t suppress for the 2nd if I want to get them to share the channel out again. :/

      1. YouTube has become practically unusable. I stopped making videos till I can find a better platform. My subscribers continued to grow, but no one could find my videos when they came out. I finally had enough.

        1. Such things are one of the reasons I haven’t tried to do monetized video content. That, and the fact that I don’t think I have a good enough speaking voice for V-logs or video reviews, so I stick to blogs.
          But the whole Youtube situation (it’s moderated by bots who care nothing for nuance or context) is also a big disincentive.

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