I perform the original routine “Easter Eggs.”
For a while I’ve wanted to do a colored Easter egg prediction, but had difficulty thinking of how to properly achieve it. Fortunately I was able to find a gimmick from Marc Oberon that helped solve the prediction issue without the need for any elaborate props. Unfortunately, new problems soon emerged. The only plastic eggs I could find from holiday storage weren’t big enough to fit the gimmick, and no stores carried any of the larger eggs either. As a result I had to rework both the presentation and the planned kicker, which ultimately I think worked better in the end. My planned finale was a fakeout gag (similar to Tommy Wonder, I don’t like the term “sucker gag” because that comes off as offending the audience’s intelligence) which in hindsight didn’t accomplish much other than coming across as “oh look at how clever I am,” and I don’t want to cultivate that type of image. For the new kicker, the participant gets to walk away with a reward for making the right decision, leaving them with a more positive experience. So I guess the old saying about limitations leading to better art is true.


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