Anybody and everybody who knows me can declare that I am one of the kindest, most loyal, and the most adorable looking Yokai warriors they have ever laid their eyes on. It could be the fact that my dimples have something to do with how I am perceived as a charmer, and I find it quite flattering. I don’t mean to brag, but I have always enjoyed the appreciation I have been receiving from my family, my friends, my allies, and my mentors. However, what they should know is that I can get really angry when some lowlife chooses to hurt the ones I love so much on purpose. Trust me, I can be a whole lot stronger than I look. I take my training in karate, judo, jujitsu, Wushu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, and aikido really seriously never to beat up people but to protect every member of my family from harm, especially since everybody from The Northern Yoro Tribe needs me to protect them from invaders. As peacekeeper of The Splendid Seven and captain of the guard of The Northern Yoro Tribe, I would always make it my duty to defend the oppressed from the enemies’ cruelty and ruthlessness as well as preserve peace and unity to reign within our tribe, all of the Wolf Yokai tribes in the South, East, and West, and The Western Lands, for our alliance can never be broken. I would not be the Yokai warrior I am today without the encouragement, help, and love of my most beloved and beautiful wife Shunran, my wonderful brothers and best friends for life Hakkaku and Shuran, my esteemed sister-in-law Ayame, my phenomenal older brother Inuyasha, and my mighty eldest brother and mentor Sesshoumaru. I am never going to take these great people for granted nor am I ever going to abandon them, for they are my rock and my stronghold for life.

To say that my dearest wife Shunran is beautiful is a mere understatement. She is the most genuine, courageous, understanding, compassionate, attentive, clever, and loyal woman I have had the pleasure of calling my wife, my eternal soulmate, and the apple of my eye. As her husband, I can also attest that Shunran is more than just a pretty face with a giggly, friendly, and smily attitude. She is a cunning and clever strategist who knows her way around every obstacle, and she is never to be underestimated. Shunran may be the youngest member of The Splendid Seven, but she is certainly more independent and more capable than anybody would believe her to be. She is also the light of our family because she is so full of hope, encouragement, and charisma, which are the traits that have always defined her. Shunran is also known for her elaborate tricks, pranks and traps, given her skills as an illusionist and one of the finest trappers ever. She can lure enemies with her charm and cherry blossoms, but they better be careful because her bite is much worse than her bark. Aside from being one of the craftiest illusionists ever, what I have always adored about Shunran is her willingness to challenge herself as a physical fighter. Every waking morning I see her train in Wushu, Shaolin Kung Fu, karate, judo, kenpo, gymnastics, and marathon running. Her roundhouse kicks, flying kicks, somersaults, blocks, and her signature Kung Fu stance are all tell-tale signs that no enemy should dare underestimate my beloved wife. Mind you, Shunran is not only a great Kung Fu fighter, gymnast, and illusionist, but she is also the most unconditionally loving mother to our children. We have seen our sons grow up to be fine and dashing warriors and our daughters grow up to be the most beautiful illusionists ever. Even as we are now speaking as grandparents to their children, we are still so proud to see them come so far in their lives. There is no other person on this planet I would entrust my life to other than Shunran. She not only radiates with outer beauty, but her inner beauty shines just as much thanks to her genuineness, loyalty, and attentiveness. Her fortitude will never be forgotten.

I am just as happy and grateful to call Hakkaku and Shuran my brothers for life. It never mattered how different Hakkaku and I were in comparison to Shuran. Nothing and nobody can ever break the bond that has defined us since childhood. We have grown not only in strength as Yokai warriors but also in solidarity as brothers, best friends, and the closest of comrades. Shuran, Hakkaku, and I also enjoy training in boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, jujitsu, and weightlifting with Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha who always remind us that our bodies are our well-built temples, and we should treat them with utmost respect. This is the pearl of wisdom we have acquired from not only the strongest male fighters of The Splendid Seven but also our most beloved brothers of all time. Something funny you should know about all three of us is that we all used to love Shunran when we were a lot younger, and she could not decide who she would pick as her potential husband. As we grew, she ultimately decided that I was her best candidate to be her husband, with Hakkaku and Shuran being especially supportive. At least she still loves all of us in different ways. That experience aside, I consider our camaraderie to be more precious than gold and jewels combined, and I will always cherish our brotherhood until we traverse to the next life. Hakkaku and I are almost like twin brothers, even though he is three months older than me. We share similar interests, and we understand each other on a very deep level. We even confide in each other whenever something is bothering us. He is also really encouraging of my relationship with Shunran because he always knew that we were happy together and that we deserve to cultivate our love life with harmony and joy. Shuran may seem like a big, brutish, rampaging bulk of a Yokai warrior who can be ready to crush and thrash his enemies with his super strength and his lightning powers, but there is more to him than bearhugs, sumo stances, and brutality. He is also the most genuinely protective soul Hakkaku and I ever had the privilege of calling a best friend, a brother, and a confidant who will always listen to us and never leave our side. Shuran always makes sure that Hakkaku and I keep challenging ourselves and never settle for less, given the many occasions we have enjoyed sparring with him in wrestling and jujitsu. For that, I am thankful to have become stronger under his encouragement. Super strength and brutal lightning powers aside, Shuran also has a sensitive side. Whenever he does something that he feels would hurt anybody that he loves and cherishes, he would be the first one to apologise. Sometimes he does break down in tears when he feels like he has messed up really badly, but Hakkaku and I are always there to comfort him. That is just how much of a big softy and gentle giant Shuran tends to be because he uses his strength to protect us all from being hurt. Speaking of softy, he is just as supportive as Hakkaku when it comes to my romantic relationship with Shunran and always gives me great advice. With great brothers like Hakkaku and Shuran, I can certainly feel at ease knowing that they can be trusted and appreciated. I’ll say this once, and I’ll say this again. Shuran, Hakkaku, and I are inseparable, and it is going to stay that way.

Despite Hakkaku and I being two years older than Ayame, I have always admired her for being the Team Mom of our family as well as a great older sister to Shunran. Speaking as Shunran’s husband, she could not have asked for a more inspirational, encouraging, loving, caring, and beautiful older sister than Ayame. I can see where Shunran gets her inspiration and her drive from, and they’re from Ayame. She never settles for anything less as a Yokai warrior, second-in-command of The Splendid Seven, queen of The Northern Yoro Tribe, a champion in kickboxing, boxing, judo, jujitsu, and grappling, and the strongest fighter ranking alongside Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. Speaking of Inuyasha and Ayame, they have always inspired me and Shunran to never give up as Yokai warriors. The pearl of wisdom we have acquired from them is saying “I can’t do this” is a death sentence that we should evade from, and we should never ever give up even when the challenge is a lot bigger than us. Ayame’s great skills as a fighter aside, she is also a very compassionate, kind, supportive, and loving soul who would never abandon anybody to the wayside. I am even just as happy to see my and Shunran’s sons be happily married to Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s daughters because they are really happy together. Ayame is also really lucky to have Inuyasha as a husband because she has grown stronger with him both body and soul. Every time Shunran and I see them in battle, I would be in as much awe as Shunran is whenever they use their fists, feet, and great combat prowess to overcome any monster, demon, and felon. I will always salute Ayame for her courage and her fortitude. She even has Inuyasha to thank for helping her grow stronger, and I am just as happy for him that he has always been there for Ayame.

Speaking of Inuyasha. What more can I say about him? He is the greatest big brother I have ever had, the strongest Yokai warrior ever next to Sesshoumaru and Ayame, the bravest leader of The Splendid Seven and The Northern Yokai Warrior Tribe, and the most amazingly inspiring champion in wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, jujitsu, judo, Pankration, and weightlifting. He is also my main inspiration for wanting to be a lot physically stronger when it came to muscle power and combat prowess. I could still remember those occasions where Shuran, Hakkaku, and I had to endure all of those bench presses, deadlifts, and many other muscle-building exercises through Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. Thanks to Inuyasha encouraging me to never give up, I have grown stronger as a warrior and as an individual. It was has even been evidenced in a lot of the wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, judo, Pankration, and jujitsu matches I have been having with him. Every time I improved, Inuyasha would always tell me how proud he was of me. His experience growing up with Ayame, her grandpa, and the Northern Yoro Tribesmen made him develop all those rippling muscles, skills as a wrestler, boxer, and kickboxer, and an all-around powerhouse of a Yokai warrior. Inuyasha definitely leads by example and carries himself well like a true warrior king which is why I always respect him as a great leader to The Splendid Seven and to the Northern Yoro Tribe as well as the strongest combatant in not only Japan but also the world. I have seen him lift huge dumbbells, and I always admired the definition he has in those bulging biceps of his, and I aspired to be just as strong as he is. Given the training I have been having with Inuyasha, he has even appointed me as captain of the guard of The Northern Yoro Tribe. Overlooking how much a super strong Yokai warrior Inuyasha is, he is also a fiercely loyal and unconditionally loving older brother. It’s no wonder why Ayame is so lucky to have Inuyasha as a husband, and it’s because he is so true to his word, he never gives up, and he would never abandon those he considers his friends and/or his family. Sure, Inuyasha has helped me develop as much muscular definition as he has, but he has also helped me in making me more confident around Shunran. In fact, when the four of us were much younger, he and Ayame once gave me and Shunran an encouraging pep talk about the challenges, surprises, and joys there were when it came to being in a loving relationship as a married couple. Inuyasha and Ayame always knew that they were meant for each other because they encouraged each other to be the best versions of themselves and saw the best and the worst sides of each other without flinching. In fact, Inuyasha and Ayame also blessed my and Shunran’s wedding, and we have always been so thankful for their love and encouragement. Moreover, Inuyasha is also an expert when it comes to giving the tightest brotherly hugs ever, and he considers me his most favourite. I am so thankful to have Inuyasha as my older brother. He has helped me realise my potential, grow stronger as a warrior and as an individual, and I truly cherish his encouragement and unconditional love as a brother. His strength and his resilience make me respect him with utmost reverence.

When it comes to discipline, brotherhood, focus, and determination, I could never forget about Sesshoumaru. His great experience as a martial artist and the strongest fighter of The Splendid Seven as well as The Western Lands next to Inuyasha and Ayame make him truly aspirational. Sesshoumaru is just as physically strong as Inuyasha, given how muscular, well-built, and handsome his body is. In fact, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha always love to challenge each other in weightlifting, wrestling, Pankration, kickboxing, boxing, judo, and jujitsu and have grown stronger because of their epic sparring matches. Inuyasha may be an Alpha Male when it comes to magnificent muscles, immeasurable manliness, and super strength, but Sesshoumaru is an Alpha Male by virtue of combining muscles with great combat prowess, Olympic-level athleticism, and deadly precision. Sesshoumaru’s and Inuyasha’s fierceness and strength are amped every single time they transform into their full-fledged Yokai forms. When their cheeks turn more jagged, their eyes turn red with blue slits, and their fangs and claws sharpen, they are their strongest and their fiercest. Every hand-to-hand blow Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha deliver to either any monster or demon or to each other is like a grand spectacle to never miss out on. Most of all, their roars are super loud almost like listening to an earthquake even when Shuran, Hakkaku, Ayame, Shunran, and I join in the roaring. No doubt is it great to fight alongside Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha as a family because we can stand totally united. Going back to Sesshoumaru, his dedication as a martial artist is top-tier, and I would do my best to emulate his strength, determination, and focus in battle and in life. His most precious pearl of wisdom is to cut our own paths in life and not be a constant follower, and that is something I continue to hold with such a high regard. This is also evident in the many sparring matches I got myself into with him, especially in karate, judo, and aikido. Every punch, kick, and hold was precise and well timed to the point where I aspired to be as precise with my attacks as he is. I can tell that Dad did a great job in training Sesshoumaru to be the Yokai warrior he is today because discipline and dedication are the two most important aspects of his life, and he has definitely help me to grow as a combatant and as a person. My mantra when it came to Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha fighting together in their full yokai forms has always been if they could accomplish those attacks, so could I. For that, Sesshoumaru has also helped me reach my full potential as a Yokai warrior.

To me, nothing spells unity, unconditional love, and unrelenting camaraderie than having Shunran as my most beloved wife, Hakkaku and Shuran as my dearest brothers, Ayame as my encouraging sister-in-law, Inuyasha as my most favourite big brother ever, and Sesshoumaru as my focused mentor and eldest brother. I will always do my part to keep the peace within our family and make sure that unity remains as our main weapon against discord. On behalf of The Splendid Seven, I am very thankful to have been a part of this family, and I can only wish for more prosperity and abundance to enrich us all as Yokai warriors and as individuals.

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