I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views that I’m about to express are that of my own and some of yours. You know when 2017 ended, I thought it was the craziest year of my life. 2018 stepped in said “Hold My Beer!” and went into even crazier territory! (Cut to clips of certain clips from reviews from “The Last Of The Americans” as James does a voiceover)

TLOTA (Voiceover):
I’m talking about an ex-crush’s husband kidnapping me with the intent to kill me and two of my friends. Having to fly a plane and land it safely while reviewing the horrible Woody Woodpecker live action movie. A brawl with execs who rather prefer the company of charts, test audiences and other things that are partly ruining Hollywood and everyone getting their backsides handed to them. A woman I have a crush on became imbued with the powers and memories of an ex-girlfriend that sent a secondary member of my team on a journey that had him cause a riot thinking that Nuclear Weapons were being launched. I had to deal with a pissed off Chai who got me in trouble with Sea Cops. and in between all of every single crazy thing that happened I made blogger of the month at Manic Expression back in March of this year. That’s like making it to being Employee Of The Month and I am so humbled that I earned this honor. Then there are moments that I will NOT mention however I am lucky to have gotten to this point. So while I’m talking about moments, for the second time ever in doing this I’ve got Honorable mentions.

Connect The Plots: “Superboy” & “Lois and Clark”) This was something I noticed while checking out Superman Minutia and I noticed this connection between these two classic shows.

“The Different Cuts of Blade Trinity with The Maven Of The Eventide”) Working with Eliza Hanson and her family was a pretty good time for all of us even though the movie in question was horrendous to sit through.

Reality Checkout: Jersey Shore) Just the fact the show and the participants has a following to this day is enough to send most Italians and Italian Americans into a fury that dwarfs an eruption from Montecristo!

“Is there a real Superman Curse”) Having heard tales of what happened to the actors who put on the Superman Suit was hard to deal with but I had to talk about it for the sake of the future of any actor who played Superman and any who will from this moment on.

“In Defense Of Smallville”) Sitting through a ten year series that had it’s fair share of bad and good moments there was something that needed to be liked and not forgotten.

What I want to see if there is a “Mako Mermaids” movie/ Top 10 “H2O: Just Add Water” & “Mako Mermaids” episodes) These two I lumped together because they’re for all intents and purposes a follow-up to the summer retrospective series. Getting these out of me was a necessity. Plus I loved the ending which allowed me the chance to step out of the shell and allow me to be something I rarely allow myself to be human and show my feelings to another person. (Cut to James physically)

And since I allowed myself to be human, well now I’m allowing myself to step out of character. (James pulls out his morpher and de-morphs back to James Faraci)

James Faraci:
And now with five of your favorites and five of mine it’s time for The Top Ten The Last Of The Americans Moments of 2018.

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