I’ve recently been getting into the SCP Wiki thanks to several YouTube series (most notably Tales from the Foundation), and it’s inspired me to take a crack at writing my own SCPs. Here’s a rough draft I came up with. Would love to know what you all think of it.

The Putridity

Item #: SCP-5541

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: There is currently no method to reliably contain SCP-5541 due to its immaterial nature and inability to determine when it will manifest. Occurrences of SCP-5541 are documented by monitoring psychiatric facility admission logs and analyzing if the cause of admission is consistent with symptoms exhibited by others affected by SCP-5541.  When an instance of SCP-5541 is reported, field agents are dispatched to retrieve the afflicted individual and sequester them in an isolation cell at a satellite facility nearest to their city of residence. The subject will be continuously exposed to odor-neutralizing or masking agents (air fresheners, scented candles) until such time as they report they no longer detect the presence of SCP-5541, a treatment procedure which currently has an 83% success rate after seven days. Should this regimen fail, surgery to remove the olfactory bulb must be performed to eliminate the subject’s sense of smell, which will result in their inability to further detect any trace of SCP-5541. Amnestics are to be administered to the subject following treatment.

Description: SCP-5541 manifests itself as an incredibly pungent, noxious odor that is only detected by the afflicted individual. In the majority of cases it presents itself as a generally unpleasant olfactory stimulus (spoiled milk, rotting meat, fecal matter, sulfuric compounds), though in a small number of cases it is reported as a much more specific scent that the subject has a particular distaste for, such as a 61 year old woman from Decatur, Illinois who described it as the persistent smell of mint. Subjects report the odor growing stronger in intensity with each passing day, until it inevitably becomes so strong that it becomes the only scent they are able to smell, interfering with their daily activities and leaving them in an almost constant nauseated state. Unless identified and treated, subjects will resort to drastic measures to free themselves from the odors, such as cutting off their noses or even committing suicide.

To date, 157 individuals have been identified as having been afflicted by SCP-5541 in the United States. The subjects vary in gender, ethnicity, and social demographics. The only commonalities shared between subjects is that they were all 30 years of age or older at time of affliction and were characterized as highly organized and hygienic. None of these individuals had been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder as classified by DSM-5 criteria.

The first recorded incident of SCP-5541 was documented on August 9, 2012. Jonathan Wright, a 44 year old regional director at [REDACTED] was noted by his co-workers to be complaining about the unpleasant aroma of dead fish in the office, leading him to wonder if someone had microwaved fish for their lunch. No one else present in the office noticed the odor. Over the next 10 days, Wright’s complaints escalated in frequency and severity, to the point where he could not focus on his work because of how prevalent the scent had become. According to his wife Patricia, the issue persisted at home, with Wright ranting about the odor almost constantly, barely eating and unable to sleep due to the frequent need to vomit from how sick the odor was making him. In an act of desperation, Wright set fire to his home, hoping that this would eliminate the source of the stench that was interfering with his life. Patricia and their children were able to make it out of the house in time to call the local fire department, but Wright perished in the blaze.




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