The placement of this episode is a bit odd considering that this episode takes place in the second-to-last season of the series. And there hadn’t been many Rarity and Rainbow episodes up until this point, maybe only two.  I think this episode might’ve worked better if it were a Rarity and Applejack episode but that’s not what we got.
The Plot
Twilight wants to highlight how two very different ponies can still be friends and decides to use Miss Rarity and Dash as examples. Not a bad idea perse but this is where the episode rings hollow for me, Rares and Dash are meant to have a day of fun planned.  But they just end up annoying each other as, during a Buckball game, Rarity isn’t paying attention or when looking for gems, Dash ends up taking things a bit too far and breaking some of the gems.  The two decide they aren’t friends anymore.


The student counselor Starlight tries to help and yeah, things go about as well as you might expect. Though I do give her props for suggesting that they read each other’s favorite books. Though that doesn’t work.


When all else fails, Twilight tricks the two into finding a fake Equestrian relic.

As Rarity and Rainbow Dash’s arguing draws attention from nearby ponies, Starlight returns and alerts them to a problem back at the school. In Twilight’s office, Twilight searches frantically for something. When Starlight arrives with Rarity and Rainbow, she explains that the Amulet of Aurora, one of the magical artifacts that Princess Celestia gave to the school, has gone missing. She explains further that the amulet can control water tides and summon tsunamis and that they must find it before it falls into the wrong hands.

Yeah, this is where things start getting better as the girls finally start getting along again and Rarity using her love of mystery books and also noticing the trail of glitter is a different color than the stilettos she’d been wearing, her and Dash head through and to get past a rather large frog-like creature with bad breath that can tell them where the relic is.  Rarity gives this thing something for this breath and unlike some people in 2020 knows to wear a face covering.



Following the words of the creature and working together, the girls can get where he said he saw the relic go, and after using her boot to unlock the door, it leads back to the school. And they learn the prop was just a relic and Twilight did this to get them to stop fighting. Which they did and they went off shopping realizing they can still be friends.


Rarity & Rainbow Dash voiced by Tabitha St. Germain & Ashleigh Ball


The fighting in this episode was really uncomfortable as fighting often is but also as I said, this episode just felt odd with its placement. And I feel like the wrong character pairing was used for this because Dash and Rarity really don’t have much of a past before this episode to help build off of this.  I get the idea but I dunno.

My Final Thoughts

I don’t exactly hate this episode but it’s one I feel the need to ever return to either.  I at first thought I outright hated this episode. it admittedly was annoying to watch but more because I’m befuddled by it. I get what it’s trying to say, and it is a good message, but I don’t think it’s delivered rather well.  Join me next time as we look at…

The Washouts


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