In the spirit of Election Day, Patricia discusses about the 3rd special from the 1993 Nickelodeon variety show Weinerville. The special is about Boney running for president while going up against a mean, corrupted candidate named Hugh J. Magnate. The problem is that Boney doesn’t care about being president unless he can get a lot of food. That is until Magnate proposes to demolish all the parks and playgrounds and turn them into parking lots. Will Boney stop Magnate from being elected? Will Boney become president?

This was the very last Weinerville special ever released. It premiered on February 1996, 2 years after the series ended its run. It was considered lost media for many years until 2018 when it was uploaded on Dailymotion and YouTube. Does Weinerville end on a high note? How does it compare to the New Year’s Eve special and the Hanukkah special?

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  1. I pretty much forgot this special existed. But yeah, this is weird. So many questions to ask: how does Boney know what the United States is 65 million years before it was established? Why would Ross Perot urge a potential competitor to run for president? Who would vote for anyone that considers demolishing EVERY park in the country? Why connect Wienerville to the Fairly Oddparents in a badly-received sequel movie? It’s just weird, but kind of dumb, sad to say. I can’t find it enjoyable at all. I like your idea about a campaign between Dottie and Boney much better.

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