Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to geek out a bit on the second Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. I know that the first teaser caused a lot of controversy and more than a few really stupid arguments from a lot of idiots who had delusions of Star Wars knowledge above those who ACTUALLY had Star Wars knowledge. You know, those “fanboys/fangirls” who give the fandom a bad name out of ignorance and bad attitudes…..but that’s a discussion for another day….

OK. This is the new teaser

Now to be very clear…this is not the trailer, but a 2nd teaser for the film. And as such, I feel it did a lot better job at generating my interest in seeing the new film.


This time, more emphasis was made for the main 3 characters from the first trilogy of Luke, Leia and Han Solo….ok 5 including R2 and Chewie… Using the lines Luke Spoke to Leia in Return of the Jedi, Mark Hamill’s voice narrates.


“The force runs strong in my family….”

“My Father has it…”


A shot of Darth Vader’s post cremation mask

“I have it…”


A shot of a cloaked figure with a mechanical right hand reaching out to “pet” R2-D2’s head(They might as well have painted “Luke Skywalker” on his back…).

“My Sister has it…”


A shot of a hand handing a lightsaber to a woman who’s head is off the screen(OK! We get it…that’s Leia…). And then the quote is changed at the end.

“You have that power too.”

So many possibilities in this simple statement. Did Han and Leia have children?(Yes, I know in the novels, they did, but it’s already been established that this film will not be using the novels as cannon so, anything is possible at this state…actually, I’m cool with this, as Chewbacca may not get killed like he did in the book “Vector Prime”….but I digress…) Did Luke have children? Is the potential Jedi in this scene a stranger who is strong with the force? Is it one of the 3 new primary actors being established in the new film?


What follows is an explosion of quick cut scenes showing the new mystery Sith


new Stormtroopers


more scenes with John Boyega(The black guy in the Stormtrooper armor)


….now it looks like he might be a Stormtrooper whose loyalties have been stretched and he’s coming over to the good side, but that’s a complete WAG on my part…He could also be an Alliance Spy in disguise, or possibly Mace Windu’s second cousin’s 3rd uncle’s great grandson’s 5th roomate?….so it’s still too soon to tell). Shots of Daisy Ridley(who’s character looks amazing)


A better shot of the new X-Wing fighters(Which look a LOT like the original designs painted by Ralph McQuarrie…tell me what you think?


What looks like remnants of the Old Imperial fleet including at least one intact Star Destroyer and fleets of Tie Fighters


and yet, another really awesome longer shot of the Millennium Falcon getting chased by 2 Tie Fighters.


However, it’s the last scene made that made the collective fandom squee.


“Chewie…” and the scene comes into focus and it’s FREAKIN’ HAN SOLO and Chewbacca in a corridor of the Millennium Falcon. “We’re home.” And with that line, fans like me get a tremendous rush of nostalgia back to the original trilogy, like we’ve come home to the franchise we fell in love with back in 1977.


What did you think of this teaser trailer, my friends? I’d love to know your thoughts on it. Peace.

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