I’m such a nice guy when I’m depressed

When I’m up, I’m awkward, short-fused,

Pedantic, talkative, and vulgar

When I’m down, I become the sweetest person on the planet

When problems come in,

My faults seem to go out

Sometimes I make people see red

But I’m the best guy in the world

When I feel blue


Since this poem’s shorter than I thought, I’m using this to make a few announcements:

A friend requested I do a superhero themed episode of Movie Questions Answered. If you have any requests, hit me up.


Also, I’m moving forward on making Pinheads. I’m still looking for feedback on the scripts I wrote. With my big guest star (I’m still not saying who, nanner-nanner-nanner), I’m taking the project VERY seriously and I want to put my best foot forward. I plan on getting one episode in particular off the ground soon since it’s the most paired down episode I wrote. Also, be sure to like the fan page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinheadsfanpage

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