Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and if you followed the Power of The Princesses, I did last year.  You would know that I am quite fond of some  of these characters and today, I just want to look at some princess songs. With that out of the way,  let’s begin.

More Than Just The Spare
I’m  just going to say I think Anna  is a better character than Elsa.
Elsa, calm down. I do like you but Anna is the more relatable character. While this song  didn’t  make in the final cut of Frozen, you do get hints of Anna in this song with the clumsy metaphors and not being so graceful.  The biggest difference that is noticeable between Anna in this song and the Anna, we got in the film is that there is a tinge of jealously in her voice  over Arendelle fawning over Elsa becoming their queen.  I get that and why this is one of my favorite Frozen songs,   I do prefer the love that Anna has for her sister in the finished film. Which you know what, what takes a look at another cut Frozen song that shows the love, the royal sisters had for each other as little girls.
We Know Better
This song in a word is just adorable.   The entire  time listening to this song,  you feel the love that Anna and Elsa had for each other as kids. And that they were as close as could be. And that  they loved each other  and  just  loved being around one another.  Which makes  this song all the sadder, when you know what is to come.
A  Change In Me
Now, we come to a song  from the Broadway production of  Beauty and The Beast.  This song was not included in the original run of the show.   It wasn’t until Toni Braxton played Belle on Broadway and it has stayed a part of the show ever since.   I remember Miss Braxton mentioning she felt honored that  the song was still a part of the show after she stopped playing Belle on the Disney On Broadway 20th Anniversary special.  And well,  this is  a song that  works so great with Belle as you hear her growing up and becoming a more grown up and mature woman after her time with Beast.   You truly tell how much she has changed in this song.
When Will My Life Begin






And to end this article, we end with Rapunzel!  Oh, you had to see this coming.   This is one of my all time favorite songs from a Disney movie and if the opportunity presents  itself to talk about this song, I will.   This is a great song that  I know  some people including  myself have often wondered the answer to.  People can relate to this song  because while they may appreciate the life they have,  they still feel that something is missing.  Take me for example for the longest time,  I felt as though,   I wasn’t contributing enough to society but then last month, I started volunteering at my local library on Tuesdays and I feel as though just like Rapunzel taking her first step to see the lanterns, I have taken the first step to become a productive member of society.  So in a lot of ways,   I love this song even more now because  of where I’m at in my life.




There you have it,  my look at some of my favorite princess songs.  Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments, down below. Peace!

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