Hello all.
First, let me say thank you for taking the time to read this. (and suffering through my bad punctuation and sentence structure)

I’m looking to start the next batch of Retail Rants videos and I want your help.
Back on the previous version of this wonderful site a few people jokingly asked why I didn’t ask them to be a part of the series… Well guess what? 😀

That’s right now if you have had the terrible misfortune of having to work retail you can mouth off about it.
As I can’t remember who it was that commented about wanting to be a part of R.R. I figure I’d open the door for anyone who wants to go for it. I will admit there are a few… “Higher profile” Expressionists I’d like to see participate but I can understand if their schedules won’t allow them to.

I will be posting a list of subjects (there are a LOT) for upcoming Retail Rants in the forum section, for those interested. You can check them out here: LINK I’ll also go into detail about due dates and what not.

Other things I’d like to mention:
The movie review…. yeahh… This is a hemorrhoid. Mostly because I’m having to render on my craptop computer, and the act of editing and rendering is literally a 48-72 hour event. I did get a “draft version” of the video done that needs some tweaking, but the video itself is at 90% perfect, but still about 48 hours away from being complete.

It kinda made me mad because I thought the movie I picked was so unknown that no one on the site has ever heard of it… until I saw a podcast talking about it. I haven’t listened to it yet but I will.

Given how annoying making a video is on my CPU, this might be the only video movie review I will do unless I get my dream computer. I even went as far as to buy DVD copies of some of the movies I would love to cover. (Inspector Gadget 2, Black Cougar, about 10 Full Moon films… etc.) but alas without the monster CPU I would need to have in order to render on I think my 1st will be my last.

I thought about doing a Patreon but, I have no idea what to offer as far as early content or rewards and what have you. Besides I don’t think I have anywhere near enough people watching my stuff for it to even matter.

WELL on that slightly depressing note (a flat I think) I’ll end my little blog post.

‘Till next time.

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