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Lego Star Wars. Lego Indiana Jones. Lego Batman. Lego Harry Potter. Lego Lord of the Rings. So many brilliant Lego games that have only gotten better and better. I even made a top six list of the franchises needing Lego games. However I missed out the best one: Doctor Who. So to rectify that I’m gonna designed up the game right here on the spot.

Now doing the quick maths it’s pretty clear we’re gonna have to split it into two versions. A version starring the classic characters and a version starring the current characters. So even more money can be made. For those not in the know the ‘classic series’ is from the First to the Eighth Doctor, aka 1963-1996. The ‘new series’ is from the Ninth Doctor, 2005 onwards. It’s how BBC splits it up in their marketing.

Classic Characters: Lets start with characters first. Straight off the bat you have all 8 original Doctors, 32 companions (more or less. It’s a bit disputed, but lets pretend there’s that many), UNIT, a range of Daleks (including the Special Weapons Dalek, who doesn’t understand the concept of over-compensating), the classic Cybermen (from the ones with cloth faces to the ones that looked like they were made out of tin foil), a Sontaran, an Ice Warrior, the Masters (yes even Eric Roberts), an Auton, a Silurian and a few other well known monsters. The Doctors have the sonic screwdrivers to move stuff around (yes I know the First Doctor didn’t have it, but screw continuity in this case), the companions just run around and basic attacks, the monsters shoot stuff up.

Classic Stories: Now each Doctor gets two to three missions in which to explore their character and have fun. The only rule is that it has to have a foe capable of being beaten up to act as enemies in game. The First Doctor gets The Daleks, The Dalek Invasion of Earth and The Tenth Planet. The Second Doctor gets The Seeds of Death, The Wheel in Space and the War Games. The Third Doctor gets Inferno, Terror of the Autons and The Sea Devils. The Fourth Doctor gets Genesis of the Daleks, The Invasion of Time and The Android Invasion. The Fifth Doctor gets Earthshock, The Five Doctors and The Caves of Androzani (voted best Doctor Who story by the way). The Sixth Doctor gets Attack of the Cybermen, Revelation of the Daleks and The Ultimate Foe. The Seventh Doctor gets Battlefield, The Curse of Fernic and Survival. The Eighth Doctor just gets his movie.

Classic Hub: Set aboard the TARDIS, which stayed the same for most of the shows run. Basically all the characters hang out here and it’s where you select missions to do.

Classic Bonus Level: This one is a bit of a head-scratcher, but it’d either be a preview of the next game, or it would be based on the terrible Dimensions in Time (which is just so bad). Now that’d be a fun level to play in. That or Curse of the Fatal Death, written by Stephen Moffat (and if you have not watched it check it out, it’s one of the best parodies ever made).

New Characters: The current 3 doctors, the 19 odd companions (again, that can be disputed), the monsters seen from the last game that have appeared in the regular series, the Weeping Angels (who can teleport), the Silence (who can turn invisible), the Slitheen and those creepy as robots from The Girl Who Waited. Oh, and the Dolls from Night Terrors.

New Stories: Once again, some Doctors get more stories than others. For example the Ninth Doctor gets Rose, Dalek (where you get to play as the Dalek rather then the Doctor), The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances and Bad Wolf/Parting of Ways. The Tenth Doctor gets New Earth, Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel, The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, Human Nature/Family of Blood, Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords, Planet of the Ood, The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End, The Next Doctor and The End of Time. The Eleventh Doctor gets The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone, The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang (where you get to play part of it as Rory living through the ages), The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon, A Good Man Goes To War/Let’s Kill Hitler, Night Terrors, The Girl Who Waited, The God Complex, Closing Time, The Wedding of River Song.

New Hub: A two based approach between 9/10 TARDIS interior and 11 interior.

New Bonus Level: A tough one to be sure, but I think the ability to play a seven room level, each room based on a famous section from one of the classic stories in the previous game. That and you get to go to the classic console room. Other than that I’ve got no ideas.

So there you have it. My look at the next Lego games that’ll sadly never happen. If you disagree with anything, or have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment. Till next time.

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