For those who haven’t seen my show, Retail Rants is basically me giving my $1.50 on various subjects and problems you encounter while working retail.
My videos are supposed to be a “Do this, not this” for retail customers, to make their lives (and ours) easier.
I will be reposting them here on Manic so keep your eyes pealed so you can see what I do.

OK. As this is a LONG list I’ll just say it’s for series/season 2 and beyond.
I would like to do them in the order I have them in here. So just focus on the first ten. for now.

With the cameos / segments what I’m looking for is at the most is three minutes of you talking about the subject at hand. You can do it ad-libbed or rehearsed whatever you are the most comfortable with.
I would prefer it if you would edit it yourself as well. this will serve two purposes: #1 It will be a LOT easier for me to edit (with my crappy CPU) as all I’d have to do is drop your file in and that’s it.
#2 If you edit it, it’s your own voice. If I edit it I might make you look like a jerk or something and I don’t want to do that.

Also… and this is a BIG one for me. if you can help it please keep it to a PG rating as far as the language. I don’t cuss in my videos for a very good reason and I just ask that you respect that.

Due date for these will be January 15th as that should be enough time for everyone to get their stuff done.

OK with all that out of the way here are the topics:

1. Checks (have a pen?)
2. Unfunny customer jokes (It must be free, Etc.)
3. If you’ve never done my job…
4. Who to complain to
5. National Holidays
6. I don’t know everything just because I work here
7. What to do with items you don’t want
8. Buy first, then open (bananas, toys, etc.)
9. Stand on the train tracks (I’m the most important person here)
10. Children and parents (carts, control, Etc.)
11. Return of the items
12. Hippies and bags
13. Bottom shelf / top shelf (stocking / buying procedure)
14. We are not a bank (handfuls of change & large bills)
15. Parking lot etiquette
16. Is this register open?
17. Just order a whole case
18. Empty Boxes
19. Dude where’s my cart?
20. How to stock a shelf
21. Do your job or quit!
22. Truck loaders
23. Baggers (carts / bagging)
24. Cashiers (greet / coupons / scanning)
25. Cell phones (workers and customers)
26. Bathrooms (workers and customers)
27. Managers
28. Open door policy
29. Planograms
30. Lights out
31. See I.D. (on back of credit cards)
32. Cut hours and hire more people
33. How to speak manager (help me / let’s)
34. DVD rental box etiquette
35. Tips (leave in trunk / take or not / not mandatory)
36. On The Web V.S. In The Store

Just tell me what ones you want to do, sadly it will be first come first serve basis. you can do more than one but just not in a row.

If you have any questions or need for clarification on what the titles mean LMK.

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