Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and man, it’s been a while since I’ve done I’ve done one of these In The Parks articles, where I take a look at how a various film is represented in the parks. The very first one being Indiana Jones, I’ve since looked at the Toy Story and Finding Nemo things in the parks and I will be doing a Pirates In The Parks article for the summer event and I’m even considering doing a Little Mermaid In The Parks article. Well, today, even though I’ve gone over a lot of this stuff recently as I’ve talked about Aladdin quite a bit this year, I’ve decided to take a look at the various ways, Aladdin is represented in the parks. Per those previous articles, this is going to be a long article and again, I only have experience with 4 of the things, I’m going to talk about in this article and only three of them are from personal experience.

Storybook Land Canal Boats / Le Pays des Contes Fees – Disneyland/Disneyland Paris

We start with the Storybook Land Canal Boats at Disneyland and Disneyland Paris, where you’ll find various movies represented in miniature vignettes and in Disneyland, you’ll spot Sultan’s Palace and The Cave of Wonders and in Disneyland Paris, you’ll find just the Cave of Wonders. I’ve never been on this ride as we don’t have it on the East Coast but Legoland has something like this with Miniland and I like the idea of it, its’ just a leisurely boat ride, that’d be nice after a long day at the park.

Le Passage de Enchante’ d’ Aladdin – Disneyland Paris

Continuing our stay in Paris, we are looking at Le Passage de Enchante’ d’ Aladdin. From what I understand, this is a walk through attraction that retells the story of film in windows for guest to view.

I don’t know, walk through attractions are hit and miss to me. Because if done right, they can be fun but sometimes, they can be pretty boring and doesn’t seem very interesting to me. I’m not saying that it isn’t but from an outsider’s perspective, I don’t think, this would be all that great. It appears to be nothing more than a time waster.

Arabian Coast – Tokyo DisneySea

This here is a land in Tokyo DisneySea that uses elements from both Aladdin. This seems pretty cool and I like the idea of having this land and you have various restaurants and stores, and they even recreate the marketplace from the film in this land.

However, as we will see, this is not the only land based on Aladdin. And as mentioned, there aren’t just Aladdin attractions, as one the rides here is based on the tale of Sinbad.

I’m surprised that Disney hasn’t attempted to make a Sinbad movie, yet. I think they could do a good job with it but would they feel that it’s too similar to Aladdin?

Adventureland Bazaar – Disneyland Paris

The main entrance to Adventureland at Disneyland Paris themed to Arabian tales that also uses Aladdin and this is fun to see and this first opened in ’92 and that walk through, I mentioned up above, is a part of this area and opened one year after this opened.

Agrabah Bazaar – Magic Kingdom

Now, I’ve walked past many a time , each time, I’ve visited Magic Kingdom and it was the second area based on Agrabah to open up, but it’s nothing more than a place to buy Aladdin merch. So, I never paid much mind to it.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin/Flying Carpets Over Agrabah/ Jasmine’s Flying Carpets – Magic Kingdom/Walt Disney Studios Park/ Tokyo DisneySea

Now, I went over this attraction before in my Top 6 Most Disappointing Attractions. I rode this once at the Magic Kingdom and it was a big letdown because all this, really is a Dumbo clone dressed up to look like Carpet and look, I see nothing inherently wrong with Dumbo clones as Dumbo The Flying Elephant is a ride concept that has been mimicked for years but my issue with the one, in Magic Kingdom is that it feels a bit redundant, when you already have Dumbo in the same park. Now, I’m sure people have made arguments that Astro Oribiter in Tomorrowland is similar, which I wouldn’t agree with, as that is a more high octane ride, that from what I’ve seen, can go pretty fast. Whereas both Dumbo and Carpets, serve the same purpose, to give you an aerial view of the park and you can maneuver how they move. But again, why would you want to put a ride like this in, when you already have the ride, it’s aping in the park. That doesn’t make sense to me. And from what I understand, the international versions at least don’t have to compete with Dumbo, so that does make them a little less redundant.

Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management

Now, we come to the other attraction from my Top 6 Disappointing Attractions List. Something about this attraction always felt weird to me because it just felt out of place to put classic Disney characters into an attraction that they had no relation to other than they are birds and Zazu and Iago was such an odd pairing. I guess, they were going for an Odd Couple type vibe but I don’t know, I didn’t care for the idea of these two coming and thankfully, it was closed recently in 2012 due to a fire. That’s the thankful part but the fire allowed Magic Kingdom to install an abridged version of the 1963 Tiki Room, that went back to the original management. This attraction idea just never sat well with me and it kinda reminds me of why, I don’t like seeing Jack Sparrow on the Pirates ride but I’ll give that more leeway because at least Jack has an association with that ride.

Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular – Disney California Adventure

I went over this show during my Aladdin Week as I talked about the music and I watched it all on YouTube and to give you an idea, this is an abridged stage adaption of the film, that for the most part is pretty faithful to the movie. All of the songs plus one new song that was written fro the film are included and one of the things, I really like is that Genie in this show is allowed to ad lib his lines as to pop culture references up to date, I’ve heard this Genie make Paula Deen, Lady Gaga, and Facebook jokes. It’s a fun little show, that I’d like to see in person.

Fantasmic! – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is a really cool show, that takes you into the imagination of Mickey, which is all good and fun but The Evil Queen won’t have any of this, after Belle, Ariel, and Snow White, with Beast, Eric, and The Prince respectively show up, The Evil Queen calls upon the help of her fellow Disney villains to turn Mickey’s dreams into nightmares. Even though, the Magic Mirror warns her that

“In Mickey’s imagination, beauty and love will always survive.”

And Jafar is the first villain that Mickey has to face. Jafar uses his magic to send Mickey to the Cave of Wonders and Mickey has to escape a wave of lava and onstage, Mickey confronts Jafar as he turns into Snake Jafar and Mickey sees a lamp of the Genie that he thinks will help him and he defeats Jafar by Jafar turning into a Genie but not before Jafar calls upon Hades for help. I’m surprised Jafar would go to Hades after the last time, they worked together.

That is just the tip of the iceberg for this show. This show is just stunning and is a must every time, my family goes to Disney World. It is easily in my opinion, the greatest night time at Disney World. I’m not doing it justice, you have to see it for yourselves to get a full appreciation for it.

World of Color – Disney California Adventure

Now again, I’ve never seen World of Color but it is another nighttime show and this time at Disney California Adventure. It appears to have a loose narrative and scenes are projected onto water mist screens in the lagoon of Paradise Bay and the second part of the show includes scenes from Aladdin such as the end of the film or Genie dancing. This looks pretty cool and is something that I’d like to see in person.

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride – DisneyQuest (Disney World)

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride is a ride that the arcade/theme park hybrid in Disney World’s Downtown Disney and it is a virtual reality ride as you ride on these bikes that serve as your carpets over Agrabah.

And you also put on those helmets. I’ve done this but that was over ten years ago and I can barely remember anything about it. I think it was fun but again, I was a young kid hyped up on Disney (well, that much hasn’t changed). So, I can’t recall too much but apparently, you have to collect gems to find Genie. Speaking of Genie, he’s kind of the former mascot for DisneyQuest. It’s technically not official but you have this “magic” elevator that you have to ride in to get to main floor of DisneyQuest and in it is a screen with Genie , just being Genie and cracking jokes to entertain the guests. I say former because I just found out that they got rid of the video, which you can watch by clicking this link
. Shame too, while it was nothing special, it was cute and sure it was Dan Castellaneta doing the voice but I thought it was fine.

It’s A Small World – Disneyland

Ooh boy, do I remember the uproar this caused in the Disney fan community. In the ’08 – ’09 era, new dolls were added to the classic Disneyland Small World based on classic Disney characters and each put in the respective land of their origin. Thus Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu were put in the Middle East section and at first, I didn’t like this idea and it’s kind of the same issue I have with Jack Sparrow being a part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It didn’t feel needed, however over time, I’ve calm down on the dolls because unlike Jack on that attraction, where it still feels a little blatant, looking at the dolls here. They did a nice job of getting the dolls to match the excellent style of Mary Blair and blend in wonderfully. I still need to do a Mary Blair tribute, her excellent design on this ride can almost make me forget how much I loathe the song. She was a great designer and one of the best artists to ever work for Disney.

There you have it, my look at the various way, Aladdin is represented in the various parks. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this article and I can promise you that there will be more In The Park articles in the future, as they just so much to write. The next one will probably be Little Mermaid In The Parks. Peace!

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