He has become a master of the shadows,

Dissecting everything little bit of Science Fiction,





All what get’s the heart pumping!


Using a drollness unlike any other,

With ranges from dry to low-brow,

Of something will get anyone to laugh.


A few times an unknown force will lead him off course,

But he wills himself back on track,

Along those moments scaring him to a different depth . . .



Comes not close in changing who he is,

As Decker Shado let’s nothing take him away from his goals.


A critic he is,

Nothing can change that,

Even when doubts of others say,

It means nothing to him as he keeps going.


Not even his cute,

Fluffy kitties can lead him off course.


A bonus to add to his charm,

That he might denied he has.


May he only continue onward being who he is and let,


Get in his way.

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