Disney Sing Along Songs Colors of the Wind  Review 

Theme Song by Brian Setzer and owned by Walt Disney Records

Theme Song by Patrick DeRemer and owned by Walt Disney Records

Our trip back in time to 1995 before Topsy Turvy was released takes us to the promotional Sing Along for Pocahontas. We get the same excellent opening and then Ludwig Von Drake takes over as our host and he begins the episode!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

All footage owned by Walt Disney Home Video

Just Around the Riverbend

Ludwig is searching a library and after toppling a bookshelf he finds the book he was looking for. The book is of course Pocahontas and the song is introduced. I like the song very much. It’s a different take on the “I Want” song and it’s good I like it, but it’s not as good as the other songs in the movie like Mine, Mine, Mine and Savages.

Cinderella Work Song

The only really big problem I have with this volume is the fact that three out of the seven songs are ones that have already been featured in Sing Along Songs and with the rereleases of the old ones there’s no point in having them here even though they do make for good entertainment. The Cinderella Work Song is back and it’s the same okay song.

Why Should I Worry?

Even though this was at one point the role of “title song” having it return is still cool. It’s still catchy and awesome!!

Little Wooden Head

Little Wooden Head returns and is still the same sweet and charming song from Volume 10! Great stuff!

Can You Feel the Love Tonight (New Montage)

This is a very nice remix of the OSCAR winning song from the Lion King and the unique thing is that the visuals are a montage of all the Disney couples. A nice remix and showcasing of Disney romance.

Higitus Figitus

The next song is a very underrated song from Sword and the Stone. It showcases how awesome Merlin is with his exquisite spell vocabulary and ability to pack in a jiffy. With excellent and clever lyrics and a catchy tune this is a great and obscure song. All hail one of the greatest Disney sorcerers (Master Yen Sid is the greatest).

Colors of the Wind

Now I find it interesting that the title song is last and wasn’t first at all and only get the last song slot. I guess they wanted to take care of Pocahontas’s “I Want” song first. As always this OSCAR winner is really good despite the fact it can be a little preachy its message is true and sincere.

Final Thoughts

This volume just flies by because of the lack of songs, but is still good and entertaining. The song choices are good despite the lack of theme and are an absolute treat despite the repeats. Join me next time where Musical March Madness ends with the review of the Sing Along that came out one year before this one with the promotion of the Lion King! That’s right the last installment of the Sing Along Series to be covered and the last installment of Musical march Madness is going to be Disney Sing Along Songs Circle of Life!!


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