So, we recently get another horror musical that mainly follows in the slasher film style and it has Meat Loaf in it…Sounds Interesting enough for me to take a look at it.


A girl named Camilla aspires to become an actress, following in the footsteps of her mother. Until one day, her mother gets murdered after a production of the Haunting if the Opera. Ten Years Later, Camilla and her brother are now cooks at Center Stage, a summer camp for theater students while being raised by her mother’s former lover Roger McCall (Meat Loaf) who runs the camp.

The camp musical director decides to do a Kabuki version of the Haunting of the Opera. While stirring up bad memories, Camilla auditions for it and gets the lead role. Meanwhile, a man wearing a Kabuki mask stalks the campground and starts killing off the campers one by one.


I guess Sgt. Kabukiman isn’t a fan of Musicals.


If you know about plenty of musicals, you’ll notice that the film has some minor references to them. The most obvious is that the play is a gigantic reference to Phantom of the Opera as well Camilla being a lot like Christine Daae from the Phantom, Although she doesn’t have the singing abilities as Ms. Daae…or the likability…or the talent.


The Songs in it are similar to in style to Les Miserables where they mostly talk while singing. They don’t do it as often as Les Miserables though. Actually, they barely sing at all in this film. Plus they tried to make some of them Rock songs, mainly with the villain, but they ended up falling flat. You’d think that Meat Loaf would get a solo song since he’s the only person in this who could sing well, but he only gets parts of only two songs in the whole film. He barely gets any screen time and I ended up thinking that I could watch his song in Rocky Horror Picture Show and it would be longer than every minute he’s in this movie.


One of the biggest issues of the film is the slasher aspect. The Film has the proper set up for a standard slasher film along with a bunch of its typical tropes, except the sex, but it takes at least Forty minutes for the Slasher aspect to start going in the film and it’s not even worth waiting for it.

Plus with it being a slasher, we obviously get a villain for it. I’m not going to give away too much, but all I’ll say is that the killer’s songs are terrible and he just lingers around until the third act of the film.

If there’s one thing that the movie has right is the characters act like they come right out of a slasher film. The majority of them have no personalities to them and the ones that do aren’t very likeable characters and you can’t wait for them to get killed off.


Overall, this was really bad. The film could have had so much potential and could have been great, but unfortunately any idea of that was not found in this at all. Meat Loaf was pretty much wasted, the songs were lackluster, the characters weren’t interesting, the slasher parts were very dull, and it was overall a film not really worth watching. If you want a Horror Musical to see, skip this and watch Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Devil’s Carnival, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show instead.


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