Issued 168


Elizabell rose up from her bad and was breathing heavily as if she had ran a race. She quickly moved around the room for any sign of the man who had whispered in her ear. Parkland could tell she had looked frighten as she stared at her diction. Even thought she knew that Elizabell could not see her her favical expression give Parkland feeling of utter dared. And now Parkland had found her self staring a crick door looking over Elizabell as she talked finitely at father and and mother as they tried to calm her down in other to understand what she is trying to tell her. Once she did clam down and. Once she did she sated talking while at the sometime clin going tightly to her night dress. Once she had finish speaking, both parent had walked over toward the corner of the room and began to whispered quickly to themselves as to what they should do. Parkland could tell  out of the corner of her eye that Elizabell was getting angry and began to yelled out to her parent who give he a settling stare.


Parkland couldn’t hear what Elizabell had yelled out to her parents. she didn’t need to know  what Elizabell shouted out to her parents for it was clear that she was sayng she is not crazy, or that it was not a dream. And that swe needed t live this house before it’s too late. For a good minute no one said nothing and Parkland wasn’t sure if  the parent was about to go along with what her daughter had told theme or seek professional help. her question was soon answered for  parkland now found herself. Stand outside of the plantation looking at a distant as were packing what they bring to them as the vacate the house.


The first to leave was the relatives, and them the slaves. And finally Elizabell and her parents who took a blue and white cost that was writing outside in fort of the main doorway.  Elizabell was the first to enter to coach. She was followed by a mother so looked clam and in good sprit considering the situation. Her father was the last one to enter the carriage. But not before he took a concern looked at the dark, give a worrisome glare before heading inside. As the carriage drove of Parkland began to wonder what it was that Elizabell’s so flustered. That was until she had look over her should and saw bust of lighting followed but the most terrifying thunderous sound she had ever heard in her life


By Jockerlee 77


Co Writer T-Kun U.W III

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