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…..I might as well get this one over with…..

The Plot (From what I could gather from it) apparently is about the childhood of some kid and his two Brothers with his parents (Brad Pitt & Jessica Chastain)in the 1950’s. In the beginning it shows that one of his Brothers died (Judging by the era, I’m going to guess in the Vietnam War.) and it takes this kid at most 40 Years since in the future it shows Sean Penn in modern day going on with his day but seeming depressed (or Bored, Afterall he is in a Malick film.) but he only sticks around for 5 minutes of the film.

The 1st act consists of him being born and the early years of childhood and then….it cuts away to shots of Star Systems.

For at least 30 MINUTES, we are treated to shots of Outer Space & the beginning of Earth with some meaningless & Muttered dialogue being fed to us by Jessica Chastain & Sean Penn. In fact the beginning & ending of the film were Star Systems. (To be honest, most of the footage looks like it’s deleted scenes from the BBC series Planet Earth.)

and after all of that, the Kid’s little Brother is born as well as his other Brother. The Rest of 2nd Act is his dealing with Sibling Rivalry and the 3rd Act is just the Kid acting like an Asshole to some of the people he knows.

The Characters in this film had 0 personalities to them except for Brad Pitt

In fact he was the only character who had any Depth to him. The Kids & Wife apparently grow to hate him in the 3rd Act & the Main Kid thinks of killing him. WHY!? He’s not that bad of a character or Father. He may seem strict at times but it’s shown he clearly loves his kids (Even though one of them was planning to kill him.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This film was an Absolute WASTE OF MY TIME.

I couldn’t really find a central Narrative for the film with the Random Sh*t that was thrown at me during this film, The only actor I could talk about was Pitt since (Like I said) He was the only one with a Personality to him, Sean Penn was only around for 5 mintues so I can’t really say much about him, and most of the time throughout the film I was just looking at my Phone since It kept Boring me to No End.


The Only thing it should have been nominated for was Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction.

Overall, Skip this film. Don’t Watch it if you want to see it. If you’re a Malick Fan, I can’t see anything interesting in it like you do. So I am going to stay far away from this film for a LONG time.

Next time I’ll see Thin Red Line

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