[Originally Posted 5 June 2013.]

I’m making this as a spur of the moment. It pretty much my Thoughts on the Films of the Director Terrence Malick.
[ This was mostly inspired by Brad & Jake of the Cinema Snob reactions to Tree of Life & To the Wonder. Plus I wanted to do something like this again after reviewing most of Ed Wood’s films. ]
This will not have any kind of schedule to it, I’ll post my thoughts on his film after I watch it (whenever it will be.)
For the First Part of this I watched his second film, Days of Heaven.

The main plot of this film is that Richard Gere, His Girlfriend, and his younger sister go out to Texas to work for a Farmer harvesting Crops after he accidentally killed his Boss. The Girlfriend is told to be Richard’s Sister to apparently keep suspicions low, but when she gets married to the farmer’s son the film soon evolves into a Love Triangle plot.

The whole film apparently already happened and is told by the Younger Sister. She talks similar to a Texan Stereotype and it gets annoying fast and most of the time I just wanted to press the Mute button. (Which was another Problem I had with the Opening Music)
I can’t really talk much about Richard Gere since his character didn’t speak throughout the majority of the film. I could say he was alright, along with the Girlfriend. Plus they rarely show any emotion in their performances. they all looked really bored and a bit lost sometimes.
and then there’s what takes up the Majority of the film…..Nature Shots.

Apparently, from what I’ve been told, Terrence Malick has a lot of random Shots of Nature throughout his films and the Critics Eat that up & consider Malick a genius for it.
Which makes me question if they loved it and not Prometheus since the Majority of it was Great CGI (Plot still stinks for that film)
I mean they will look at one shot
You need to have an interesting Story & Characters for that to work.

and then there’s the Music…my least favorite part of this film.
Right from the opening scene I already hated the music for this film. It got a bit repeatative for me and It started to give me a headache.

Overall, I found it boring. Yes, the film is pretty but that can’t help the obvious plot, bored actors, & mediocore characters. If your a fan of Terrence, you probably enjoy this film alot. Me, I can’t really say anything for this film. Much like Surf Nazis Must Die, there really wasn’t anything that engaged me into the film and made me want to see more. (Although I’ve seen alot of films like this that I have enjoyed.) In the end, it left me just wanting to watch a different film.

Next time I might review either Thin Red Line or Tree of Life.

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