I Finally got around to another Terrence Malick film…….Oh Joy…….

This is The Thin Red Line

From what I could gather from this film, the Story tells of a Soldier whose been AWOL for a certian amount of time on an island in the South Pacific. He is then found by a Troop Carrier and sent into Guadalcanal as Reinforcements against the Japanese and is lead by Lt. Colonel Tall (Nick Nolte).

The Film’s online synopsis says it mainly focuses on the AWOL Private, but as per usual with Malick’s films, it oftens loses tracks of who it is suppose to focus on as it swtiches the focus to Nick Nolte’s character and then during the final minutes of the film it switches back to the AWOL Soldier who returns to the Island where he was found.

Also as usual with most of his films, It often will show a bunch of Pretty Shots of Nature while someone mutters dialogue, this time the Dialogue focuses on how War is Bad.

The Film states it has a good cast with actors that alot of people would recognize, but AGAIN as usual with his films, they are stuck with Minor Dialogue and Scenes in the Film. For example, Woody Harrelson is one of the big names on the Poster, but he only gets at least 5 minutes of Screen Time and his Character gets killed; Sean Penn is also listed among the many stars, but he is in the beginning of the film for 3 minutes. This happens constantly with actors John Cusack, George Clooney, Adrian Brody (Who was actually upset that most of his scenes were cut from the film.) and John Travolta who oddly looked a bit like Freddie Mercury in the film.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Boring. It’s Another Malick Film to Skip. It has the Same Traits as Tree of Life and Days of Heaven and When even one of the Actors in the film gets upset with how little he is in the film, you know it has some problems.

Next Time of T.M. Thoughts, I’ll look at The New World, then Badlands, and Finally Into the Wonder.

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