Issued 35

   Alan hold rose from his wheel chair with the nurse telling him to be careful.

   “Look guys I know you all concern about people using their phone in public as well as while their driving, but guys truest me this is not the way to do.”

   “But I don’t want my mom and dad to end up in the hospital” a girl said while on the verge of tears, “I want them to be safe. The girl began to cry on Ana’s shoulder.

   “I Thank your parent knows Miss”-

   “Bethel,” said Ana while holding Bethel on the shoulders, “her name is Bethel. She’s new in the neighborhood.”

   “I thank your parents know all too well, Bethel, how much you care for them and believe me they will think twice before taking they phone out in a dangerous aria . In other world we won and now it’s time to put the mission to rest. Not just for our sake but for our parent who are on doubt wondering if we lost our mines.

   Everyone started in the group being to talk to one another before turning their attention back at Alan.

   “Okay, Alan, we will stop operation busy single for now. But if there is any proof that the cell phone monster is real then all bets are off.” Megan said while everyone in the chapel had muttered in agreement.

   “Good” Alan said who did not know weater to be relive of to be worried to that operation busy single is coming to an end.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic Expression .com

2012 The Net

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