Issued 34

   Tom just shook his head but look at Alan an said in a ton which told Alan right away that he was not gonna give up his fight against the cell phone monster.

  “ Despite what—Hurry had just told use, that does not explain all of the other interdicts which resulted in people going to the –

   “Oh stop it!” Parkland yelled at Tom who had enough of people trying to justify that everything was cause by the cell phone monster. “Do you know what you are saying? That does not explain all the other interdicts which resulted in them going to the hospital. Not paying attention to the road while on the phone. Or how about while not paying attention to what’s ahead of them while walking. Allof these and ore are curse by people not paying attention. Not so monster who live in people’s phone. Which by the way lead me to the one big question that was on mine; who in god name said that all this was cause a the cell phone monster in the first place!”

  For a moment there was silent. And then one by one all head was turning toward Tom who face turns pink.

  “I should have known.” Parkland said while given Tom a angry glare.

   “Hay don’t get angry at me,” said Tom, “I have gotten my info form—form.”

   -“Yessss” parkland said while folding her ar and waiting so see what expectation Tom’s was going to give her other in the fact it was all in his head.

   “Forget it,” Tom said in a low tone while Parkland rolled her eye.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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