As it sides down off the walls, you coated with it.

With it’s iron smell and color red that would be found on a rose.

The smell is so strong, you want to vomit.

You hold the very weapon you used on the ones you truth and gave to.

Soon you find out it’s a lie and all you could see was red.

They scream for you stop and say they’ll change.

It’s not good enough for you and so you raised the ax to one heads.

You tell them it’s to late when they can’t even say anything back.

As you look down at your hands, they shake as you see not blood but freedom.

They can’t do anything to you anymore, you laugh at their end life.

Cover the truth before you call the cops, as you cry with smile saying someone killed your family.

They believed you and come rushing over, they see you outside waiting with just a crying face with no smile.

They take you away from the place you have called hell and the demons life for dead.

Then something comes back to you, it’s not over.

The evil wasn’t gone yet, the blood of another who-demon is out there.

You’re the only who knows it, the cops gave you answer when they ask if there any place you can stay.

You say yes and then look out the window, up to the stars to see there was less then before.

You smile again, they stars are your list of the demons.

The blood of who is out there and still strong and must be stop before anyone else is hurt……

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