It holds so much you may never see what’s in it.

It makes no movement and yet makes sounds to unknown to you.

There you will howls, screams, bangs, and so much more.

The secrets that it holds would drive you mad, and they have to so many already.

To some they’ll be miss and to others not so much.

At night, it will take many victims and no one would know.

Do you ever wonder why the night stay quiet that you may go missing as well.

It’s to dark to see the end of your nose, and your alone in the night with no way to get back.

You walk and walk, until you trip and fall on the cold ground.

You start to feel around to get up, and you feel some slimy and rough.

The found was to much and you let go and quickly move away to hit another weird nightmare.

Jump to your feet and run away from the strange.

Your heading more and more deep and you hear something.

A calling. You freeze and wait for it to fade. But it only got louder and louder.

With wide eyes you run, when you know who was the voice was.

The real monster, and it knows your out there on your trail right now.

You think you can run, with the night air around you.

Your better off dead before it gets you….

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