You want it, well you got.

The truth is they never cared, and they never will.

I say this now to you, because I can’t handed you going through that no more.

They say you’re the thing that should have never been born, or even know who they are.

You may think I’m lying, but I have been with you most of your life and I give you the truth.

The truth hurts, that’s no lie but would it be better to know or to live a life that wasn’t really yours.

Go ahead and run away, you can’ run when the truth is you.

You say I have no right to say it, it was for you. I hate to you hurt and I had to say.

So live with, and if you want to run…..Go the fuck ahead, I’m not stopping you.

Send me a postcard, when you have gotten over it.

Just remember I said the truth to protect you. From the people who you call family.

I hear that you made it big, that knowing the truth was the best thing you got.

Your mom and dad still don’t know you gone, I told them you on some kind of five year trip and wont be back for awhile.

Hope to see you, I can only cover your ass for so long.

I’m glad now you took the truth like a good friend should.

And now I’m sorry to say that I won’t be here when you get back, remember that truth may hurt but it’s far better then a lie.

So now I say good-bye, have fun and please don’t come looking for me when you get back.

The truth hurts, but it saves us a lot of trouble…..

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