Ever have that moment of nostalgia,

But unknown sure of how to look back,

Remembering what was great and how later in life,

All seems forgetting what makes some grand to . . .

The eyes,

The ears,

The heart,

And the memory!

With how everything is now,

The needs and wants of having that feeling again,

There is one of many to the turn,

In hopes of remembering that feeling again!

That would from richb,

A simple man,

Who lives on remembering the nostalgia . . .

Grand and crap of it all!

Some come in facts,

Tall tales,

And from the heart of one’s being.

In this case with richb,

All three are at his control,

And he makes the time worth it all.

Don’t believe,

Look through his blogs,

And they’ll prove you all wrong.

And really,

Read them just look back for the sake of nostalgia,

Because at times,

It’s all one has.

And richb makes it worth it,

As its on all the memoires.

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