A Bitten Summer

So warm this heat has become . . .

Unable to breath to live . . .

Summer has taken a new approach on this.

Drying the rivers,

Thinning the puddles,

Lower the ocean level,

Completing everything without even trying!

Why has to this come,

Now of all time!

So warm,

So hot,

So will breaking . . .

Skin brighten to a shade,

Bitten as a snack from the sun,

Leaving on a burn of an itch behind!

O’ thy one suffering hath taken a new form.

One would find less of pleasing moment as this . . .

Summer is fine,

To a point,

This is not one of them.

In the pleasures and twinges,

This is a price to pay,

When summer is here!

Just as spring is here to ill one body,

Fall confusing the temps,

And winter being the hardest to make by,

Summer is just the same.

But to have a stiff upper lip,

And let it play out,

If knowing that having the heat,

Burn on,

Means only that a win has happen,

And that cup of cream waiting is to melt,

Just as one baking on low on the streets.

Summer . . .

Disjointing the mind,

One temp rising after the next . . .

To love or to hate,

Relies on who gives it a bother.

And to a day like this,

Have a good summer day out,

Even if it’s too hot to move,

Live through it.

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