So scared of not knowing where you are.

I see you hiding your face to keep the unknown away.

A creature makes a sound that sends shivers down your spine.

The shadow of that demon comes at you.

You don’t see it or hear it.

Blood boils in my veins and I stop it in its tracks.

The thud of its body makes you look and you want to scream or run.

Reaching out to you with a blood cover hand, but stop when give the sign of fear to me.

You speech of words I do not know and start to move away from me.

“Stop.” In a soft voice. “I will not hurt you.”

You do and is stiff as a stone rock of a mountain.

“I will not hurt you.” I state to you with a soft voice. “Now who are you, little one? Where did you come from?”

With wide eyes, no words came from your pale white/blue lips.

Your deep eyes look to the creature that I have saved you from.

I know that now your not from this world and know is there for you.

Nothing to keep you safe, I do the first thing I know I might like in the future.

But I did it for you.

I moved closer to you and look at your eyes with kindness I hope that you knew.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here for you.”

Years to come and have happen, I take it back.

I smile to when you look at me with a feeling I don’t know and all I say is..”I’ll be here for you.”

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