I’m not asking much, just turn around; look . . . I’m right here.

You keep saying my name, and I return you call, but again, you don’t look back.

I’m here!

Right here!

Please don’t do this!

Screams are just whips of winds to you!

Look this way!

I’m right here!


Don’t leave . . . don’t go . . . you’re all I got!

Even if you can’t see me, I see you! Just turn around.

Time will tick away, with my voice raw and thinned, and you have yet to look back.

Blind to know I am here.

Always have and always will be, you would know, if you haven’t . . . Look!

Damn it all to hell, I’m here!

No . . . don’t walk away, farther away from me . . . no!

A chance to stop you, but you only seem to get farther away, look, I am here and well alive!


Please . . . oh gods . . . don’t let this be it for me?

Unless, you as well are the same and have no clue of this voice calling out to you . . . No!


Just look this way and hear me!

Please . . . please . . . please . . . Alone in darkness is all what is left for me.

I really am, to your eyes . . . lost and . . . I can’t even bring myself to say it . . . and I know it’s all too true to believe.

But here we are.

Forever it will remain . . . oh how I loathe it.


Being Ignored, Forgotten, or be soon Forgetting who one is be self or others

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