In weather of displeasures: where the sky in nothing always crying, it can damper others thoughts of reality. Borden from leaving one spot; be it a bed, chair, or the very floor of a house, to lack the adventure of doing something exciting of any kind. Leaving, maybe the small chance of maybe counting each drop that hits the window, to mostly pass the time.


“Park, I’m bored.”


“I would never guess, grab a book and read something.”


“I might end up like you, if I do.”


A gentle toss a throw pillow came way to younger one’s head, but he just rubbed his head, grabbed it and sat on it. Seeing, it even out the numbness from before on sitting on a wooden chair for so long.


“Zam, please knock it off.” Parkland added in, when hearing the soft sounds of skin thudding against glass.


“Parkland, who was that waved at the bus when we were leaving?”


“I have no idea what you’re talking about. All I recall is how you guys left in a race, when you two knew better.” Parkland stated back, turning to her next page, glancing upward when hearing movement upstairs, soon going back to reading. Along, adding the following words to Zam, custodies to stop him from hitting his head. “Alan’s up, go see if, he’s up to go play something, together, save whatever brain cells you have left.”


“Finally, I thought he never wake up!”


The rushing footsteps came and went, rounding through and up the house, before just echoing above where Parkland was reading. Though, she showed no care and went on reading.


But the reading came to a stop, as a sudden gusted outside knocked out the power. Girlish screams were heard up stairs.


“Really, now of all days, decides to go out, now?” Parkland questioned, slamming her book shut, going to fine a flashlight and go find the boys.


To Be Continued . . . ?

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