“If there is one thing in this crazy world, it’s you, Slope!” A young girl exclaimed, ending the last note in her line with a pop.


“You’re the one who wanted to do this!” The other named Slope said back, trying not to fall off from the tree branch.


“Well you’re a dummy for thinking you were part monkey.”


“I never said that! You did, and saying you could beat me, half way up saying the tree was too high and thinking you were going to fall. You’re such a big baby, Kat!”


“No you’re the baby! For, I am older than you! Ha!”


“Oh, yeah, by a minute and seven seconds on that clock you seem to carry wherever you go!”


“Thank you for proving my point.” Kat responded back, crossing her arms, but hurrying to put them back in place from keeping her from falling, soon adding in. “Forever this idea was; I hope we can get down soon. Help, someone, help!”


“Help, anyone! Please!”


“Is that you, Park? Kathren is also up there?”


“Alan, I am so glad you to see you, can you get some help.” Park said to her friend, that was like a brother to her.


“Or a latter, which ever gets up down from here!” Kat shouted, also pointlessly adding. “And I told you to call me Kat, you dolt!”


“You want my help or not, Kathren?” Alan teased at her, slowly walking away from the tree, in a matter that made it look like he wasn’t coming back.


“No, please, sorry, please. Help would be great!”


“Okay! I will be back as fast as I can.”


“Don’t get lost!” Park shouted, worrying now more her brother’s sake, than her and Kat.


Whom; just glared at her for saying that, not happy at all, of the thought of being stuck in the tree longer than needed.


“You have no clue how much that’s upsets me.” Kat stated to Park, who just rolled eyes.


“Not much as I think Alan has a liking to you.” Park smirked.


Without a second thought, Kat was about to smack Park for saying that, but missed, starting to fall. A short shriek left her mouth, before the sudden motion of falling stop, looking to see Park grabbed out for her.


“You, going to hang around all day, or help me, help you get back up here?”


Not wasting a moment got pulled back up. Now both sharing the same brank, glad to know it was able to hold them both.


Kat giving a groan of sigh, not crossing her arms this time, living in the silence for a bit, until hearing Park starting to laugh.


“Being out in the sun for too long?”


“Nope, just remembering how this reminds of something when we’re in Pre-K is all?”


“What? How is that possible?” Kat asked, looking at Park as she grown two heads.


“You don’t remember?” Park pouted a bit.


“I know you an awesome set of markets.”


“Which in some way, somehow ended up coloring the whole classroom, having the both of us being set in the corner.”


Kat just shrugged, turning away, whistling, which she only when in denial. But the habit of a smirk wasn’t hard to miss.


“That was pretty good.”


“But it was a waste of markets.”


They ended up laughing a bit, stopping when seeing Alan rushing back, with some older people. The girls just went wide eyed, because they got down, they were in so much trouble. But, those two wouldn’t have it, any other way.


Even it had been awhile from the last time, they had ever played together.


Yet, now, some time had passed from then, and still it couldn’t be help, Kat smiles in the back seat of the car, parents up front, mother driving. Father looking through the ant tunnels of a map he was looking at, stating for maybe the fifth time, they were lost.


“We’re not lost; the map is upside down, dear.” The mother said, needing to also say. “You have glasses for a reason.”


“Right, right . . . oh, next left two stops from now.” He said, once finding his glasses, onto of his head, fixing them and the map to read.


The mother nodded, looking through the rearview mirror to see her daughter looked through out the window.


“You seem happy to be home, Katy?”


“Mom . . .” Kat signed out, disliking that name very a fiery passion, but still finish to say. “Yeah, hope nothing’s change, but knowing that Slope, who knows?” Ending; with a light laugh of fonder times, even when some moments weren’t as great as others.


The End.

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