Hated is one of the most powerful emotions, that will always leave many blinded, but in sake for savor, it will guide them, pull them on thick chains down into a abyss that few are ever able to get out of, some give up and let it swallow them, and much of them embrace it for it to become one with them.

A price it is, a heavy price, that payment is that normally that of what makes one human.

But sadly, human is weak, becoming forever god-like is a finer way of living.

The only thing that holds one back from achieving that gloriousness, is a mistake . . . that should have never innate from the start.


A voice called out, small and unsure of the unknowing lack of wise; it was to bother the one titled the doctor.

Back stiffen with tied sentiments; eyes locked on something beyond the glass window had to hold. Face, cold stoned, with harden eyes, not once turning to face the other.

“What is it?”

The words left, heated and gutful to mane earth into rubble.

“The girl, sources have said she’s elsewhere now, last seen at the library. One source had an altercation with kid that knows the girl, but it was taken care off?”

“Breathing or not?”

“Another is sent to keep an eye on them.”


“Dr. Mine, any chance of a change of tactics? Why all this waiting that a simple hitman can do?”

Dr. Mine slowly turned; facing the lackey, eyes blank just as his face.


The lackey; flinch from the tone, before stuttering to cover up his tracks, trying to get back on his boss’s good side, in hopes to have no repeats of what happen to the last man who questioned Dr. Mine.

That man’s blood forever stained on the walls, for all to see of what could of others, if they lack the brain cells to listen and do as told.

“Anything else to report, Johns, or is that it?”

The other shook his head, leaving the doctor alone once more.

The doctor spared a moment to sit down in his chair, spinning it to face the window once more. His back leaned into the leather of the chair, elbows resting on the armrests, hands folded under his chin in thought, eyes looking as a stormed was slowly rolling in.

With a strike of lighting, a smile formed on the man’s face.

“In due time . . .”

The End

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