He was lost, nowhere to go, chased by something unknowing to the naked human eye. Ending up; in a corner of an unknown building, in who knows what part of the town, aging in time that was ticking away from the pillars to fall at any given time.


But where else to go, when those hidden shadows, would never leave him be, more than ever, where was his sister, that kept them at bay, where was she. When knowing, he was alone, with nothing but voices.


Though the man in red was nowhere to be seen, it never left his mind. That man could be near at any given time.


“Park, help . . .” The boy cried out, not sure what else to do, at that given moment. Having, only leaving the young boy, to himself, to find the way, to shakily speak, again. “Parkland, someone, anyone! Can hear me?”




When hearing his name being called, looked to where it came from.


“Zam, is that you?”


“Who else would it be; Grumpy Saint Nick, really?”


Alan got to his feet, moving near the voice, happy to know he wasn’t alone. He was going to something, but was cut by the other.


“Park is beyond pissed off right now. I choose we don’t do anything stupid.”


“Not something like we’re good at, Zam.”


“Do you think she’ll give a damn? I knew I should have brought a cup with me.”


Alan let a laugh leave him, rounding the corner of building, still following the voice, which seemed various steps ahead of him.


“Where are we?”


No reply came right away, but Alan kept moving, looking around. Soon, finding out for, the answer without much help from Zam.


“The fire house, how in the world did I get here?”


“Yep and a pissed Park is nearing. Shouldn’t have run when I had, but it’s over and done with.”


Alan only nodded, coming near where a poll would be resting for the firefighters to slide down on.


“Zam, you still here, Park’s coming right?”


And for a while, Alan notices he was alone all over again. But now fully knowing where he was now.


“If there anyone in here and is happen to be related to me. Be ready, for I am not in fucking mood! After, what I have been through!”


The End.

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