Unknowing to all, he walked the streets, able to be seen by some, while others feeling him only as a gust of wind.


The young eyes are no fools. They see who it is, but come not close to what this thing is.


Cloaked in nothing but red. Face forever is seen unreadable. Yet, eyes are craved from the coldest ice of the northern land.


Feet walked the streets, leaving no sound of an echoed behind them. Giving the children who, only more of a reason to run, home or away, he didn’t care for what choice they made.


He would in time catch up soon.


Until than though, his eyes of ice were only one person thus far, pleasing how close this one was. Yet disgust of the hassle it would be to get closer.


Yet, the man in red knows, that everything comes to those who wait.


“Park would you hurry up, we’re going to miss the bus!”


“Move it slow poke!”


The girl of the named Park; stead faster in her steps up to the younger boys, whinnying for her to catch up with them. Both ended up in panic when seeing the slight rage she had. Rushing; off from being caught in Park’s ways of brotherly-love banters.


“Hey, get back here you two!”


“Not on your life!” The boys ended up calling out at the same time, as they rounded the corner for the bus stopped.


The man in red watch the boys, planning to climb the bus stop cover to get away from Park, all while not noticing him as he watched on.


Not long an older girl, Park came into view, panting mad from a long scale of running. Her eyes on the boys, ready to shout at them, but stopped, when feeling the icy coldness of the man in red.


Turning to face where the stare came from, finding the man in red looking at her, not moving his body of any way. Only having his eyes locked on Park’s.


Park couldn’t have been happier when the bus finally showed up. Loudly: ushering; the boys down the bus stop cover, and into the bus, not wanting to hear another word from them.


She dared herself once more to look back, only to find the man was gone from where he once stood. She shook it off, rushing into the bus, finding a place to sit, near the boys.


Not choosing to answer the questions of whatever the boys were asking. Looking; barely out the window, with much care, in a way of calming herself. Little it did, when the bus was nearing a four way, there was man again.


Who just tip his hat to her, made his on a new path, opposite to where the bus was heading off to? Park could eye the man, until she lost sight of him.


The End.

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