It was never a joke for how this had come to be. Park could never forgive herself if something like was to come. But, somehow, in just a matter of seconds . . . everything of this world around her came crashing down, in a blink of an eye.


Finding upon herself, as the sister she was to return home. With, the weather: far from her side, in helps of finding her brother.


Making it back home, soak to the bone, face shown mixture of hurt, lost, and worry. Even with the small favor of her parents’ not home, means the news of her brother was just a slight delay. She could head back out, and look for him, but night was coming.


Along with the faint feeling of a fever as well, Park could just rest for a spell, heading straight to bed, and head back out later. Leaving a note saying she was staying with friends or something along those lines to fool her parents and stall them for a bit.


Even, if just a bit to find . . . him.


If I had known it would take this long, I wouldn’t have wasted my time. I am so sorry.


Despite the fever being so confusing, Park could have sworn she heard something. The tone, sounded like her, but older, and far human.


Saying such words won’t make a difference. He’s gone.


Bolding out of bed, looking around her room, sweat covering her. Whatever this feeling was, she wanted it gone.




No, that voice it couldn’t be. In fear she’s cries, hoping it was nothing but her mind playing tricks on her. So loud, she didn’t know that her cries brought the footsteps of others near her room.


“Parkland! Help me please!”


“Park, are you okay sweetie?” The voice of her mother asked, coming in mousy steps near her, hands of kindness resting on Park’s shoulders.


“Mommy, I lost him, sorry.”


“Lost who?” Her father asked.


“Alan, dad, you know, your son.” Park stated back in confusing as to why she needed to answer that.


Her mother looks to her with worry, before adding. “Parkland, we don’t have a son, just you.”




“Parkland, where are you?”


“Is this a joke?”


“Now you be careful with that tone yours, missy.”


“But, dad . . .”


“Park . . .”


“Parkland, wake up and help me!”


In a sudden jolt, Parkland was up and awake. Seeing she had fallen on the ground some time, tripping on something. With little care, got up, flinching when feeling the slight sting on her right knee, and went on her screech, not wanting that future, where her parents would go that far from keeping such lies from her.


Park refuses to live in a world like that.


“Alan, where are you? You better watch, because you have no idea of how mad I am at you right now!” And took off running down the path she fallen on. Hoping this wasn’t the path of a future where Alan wasn’t in it anymore.


“Alan!” Calling out again, still running, looking for him with little choice of thinking of giving up.


To Be Continued?

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