Keeping it simple,

And just get it done.

Taking care of business,

Lifting that weight off the shoulders,

Being proud for whatever the job is.

For every time a job is finished,

A moment to feel good,

About oneself,

Can go a long way!

Even if the job is shitty,

It pays the bills,

Keeps food on the table and in the belly,

Enjoying those smaller finer moments of a self reward,

And whatever is left is saved.

Or goes to someone in need . . .

Help is help,

It’s getting it done,

And being proud of it!

Not wasting life away,

Thinking nothing will ever,

Goes one way,

Getting that one thing,

That takes cares all the rest,

Of the oh-so-said easy lifestyle everyone wants.

Not true,

Nothing is easy,

It has to be earned.

If there is an easy route,

It’s the way that was made by and for,

One person!

If you’re going to taking of care of business,

Do it yourself,

Rely only on others shoulders when the weight is too much,

Not to take away the weight.

Have others to help bare it,

With you,

Not take over.

Go take care of business,

And be proud you did it,

By your hands,

Not others.

Get business done and over with,

The outcome of it,

Is the most welcoming moment . . .

You’ll ever get.

Don’t waste life,

Go get busy,

And make something of yourself.

Cause before you know it,

It’s over,

And what does that make you at the end,

Of it?

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