When coming to a site like this,
there of was one of many people,
that sent a small strike a fear in me,
and in this case,
there is one MAN who comes to mind.

Knowing so little of this person,
didn’t make it easy,
for if one wrong step,
he could and would reply,
WITH lack of any mercy.

But I have come to see,
that given it time,
he’s really a nice guy,
if you look deep enough,
and see there NO evil in him,
but more of big brother putting you in a headlock,
for he cares,
even if it annoying to you.

I found it a way that,
he’s trying to make others tough,
keeping others chins high,
for that’s what he lacks,
is a CHIN himself,
or he used it so much,
it was knockout to the point of no return.

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