Is it hard to say that word?
I would say so.
But does that mean I don’t really know?
It’s a simple word to some.
But to others . . .
It could mean the end of the world to some.
Can you say it?
To whatever comes out the next person’s mouth.
Would you say it?
Without a second thought?
Or would it bite you in the ass in the end?
Could you?
Would you?
Should you?
A simple word.
Made of three letters.
Could you say it?
Within or without reason whatever question is to come.
Say it with pride?
Or in shame?
A simple word . . .
That holds more than what it gives.
As that weight on one’s shoulders become too much.
Say it?
Or don’t.
I’m not holding your hand for it.
A simple word . . .
That is more of a danger than most things.
As most things happen when answering . . .
With that three letter word.
Again, my friend, could you?
And not run in shame?

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