There isn’t much to it, for the size of it is no threat; meaning it can little to no harm.
But is that true; that the matters of size, really mean anything to fear?
It can’t be, there has got to be more to it; than just how much space it can take.
It’s small, does nothing; for it means nothing.

True or not, relies on the person; if size really the matters to get things done.
Thinking true; how far does it take one person, in knowing this.
If not on size, what is there left to know; when knowing is all we have.
True or not, and not is true; where true is nothing at all.

Think for a moment, on the size of matter; whatever the matter is.
And go for it, think; but recall on the facts that are true and not.

Small the matters of way of life, really so; or so really a tall tale of lies.

Facts only go so far; as does the laws of lie, knowing what is small enough to know . . .
Relies on the being; who hears all, but only takes in small volumes.

Is that you, little thinker; or are you a big changer?

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